Canada v Sweden – International Friendly (24 November 2014)

Canada v Sweden – International Friendly (24 November 2014)

Canada and Sweden meet in Los Angeles for the first of two international friendly (closed-door) matches on 24 November 2014.

The friendly match will be played at the Loyola Marymount University, kick-off at 14:00 (local time).

The second match will be played two days later on 26 November 2014 at the Long Beach State University, kick-off 19:00 local time.

John Herdman has selected 24 players for Canada: Stephanie Labbe, Erin McLeod, Kadeisha Buchanan, Allysha Chapman, Robyn Gayle, Carmelina Moscato, Marie-Eve Nault, Rebecca Quinn, Rachel Quon, Rhian Wilkinson, Sura Yekka, Emily Zurrer, Brittany Baxter, Jessie Fleming, Selenia Iacchelli, Kaylyn Kyle, Ashley Lawrence, Sophie Schmidt, Desiree Scott, Josée Bélanger, Jonelle Filigno, Adriana Leon, Christine Sinclair and Melissa Tancredi. Read more about Canada’s team selection.

Pia Sundhage has called up the following players to the Sweden WNT: Hilda Carlén, Malin Reuterwall, Carola Söberg, Emma Berglund, Magdalena Ericsson, Nilla Fischer, Lina Nilsson, Charlotte Rohlin, Linda Sembrant, Sara Thunebro, Lisa Dahlkvist, Malin Diaz Pettersson, Hanna Folkesson, Amanda Ilestedt, Sofia Jakobsson, Caroline Seger, Marija Banusic, Mia Carlsson, Jenny Hjohlman, Lina Hurtig, Emma Lund, Fridolina Rolfö, Olivia Schough, Therese Sjögran and Lotta Schelin. Read more about the Sweden WNT selection.

This is a closed-door match but we will keep you updated as much as possible with the information available to us in the comment wall below as well as on the official WSU Twitter accounts @WomensSoccerUtd and @WSUasa, and on the WSU Facebook page.

Full-Time: Canada 1 – 0 Sweden

Goal: Jonelle Filigno 44′


  1. Author
    WSU 7 years ago

    Full-time: Canada 1-0 Sweden (Filigno 44′)

  2. Author
    WSU 7 years ago

    83′ Sweden sub: Sara Thunebro OUT, Fridolina Rolfö IN

  3. Author
    WSU 7 years ago

    80′ Canada sub: Filigno OUT, Brittany Baxter IN

  4. Author
    WSU 7 years ago

    76′ Canada sub: Chapman IN, Marie-Eve Nault, OUT

  5. Author
    WSU 7 years ago

    Congratulations to Canada’s Erin McLeod who earns her 100th cap today!

  6. Author
    WSU 7 years ago

    Canada subs: Leon and Kyle OUT – Josee Belanger and Desiree Scott IN

  7. Author
    WSU 7 years ago

    Sweden sub: Lisa Dahlqvist and Emma Berglund IN – Hanna Folkesson and Lina Nilsson OUT

  8. Author
    WSU 7 years ago

    Second half underway: Canada 1-0 Sweden

  9. Author
    WSU 7 years ago

    Half-time: Canada 1-0 Sweden (Filigno 44′)

  10. Author
    WSU 7 years ago

    44′ GOAL! Canada 1-0 Sweden (Filigno scores!)

  11. Author
    WSU 7 years ago

    Into the last five minutes of the first half, deadlock yet to be broken between Canada and Sweden…

  12. Author
    WSU 7 years ago

    Canada dominating the opening half so far.
    Sofia Jakobsson picks up the first yellow card for a foul on Buchanan.
    Still… Canada 0-0 Sweden

  13. Author
    WSU 7 years ago

    Sweden line-up: Carola Söberg – Lina Nilsson, Charlotte Rohlin, Nilla Fischer, Sara Thunebro – Caroline Seger – Therese Sjögran, Hanna Folkesson, Malin Diaz Pettersson – Sofia Jakobsson, Lotta Schelin

  14. Author
    WSU 7 years ago

    International friendly match underway: Canada 0-0 Sweden

  15. Author
    WSU 7 years ago

    Canada line-up: McLeod (c), Wilkinson, Buchanan, Moscato, Chapman, Kyle, Fleming, Schmidt, Filigno, Leon, Sinclair

  16. Author
    WSU 7 years ago

    Late addition to the Canada roster for matches against Sweden: Janine Becki

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