Gold medalist and US Women’s National Team Member Carli Lloyd, who has just won US Soccer 2008 Female Athlete of the Year ( U.S. Soccer Athlete ofthe Year award is the highest honor awarded to soccer players inthe U.S.) is the next star to take part in our interview.


How old were you when you first started playing soccer and who/what inspired you to play?

Carli Lloyd:

“I startedplaying soccer when i was 5 years old. ” LMS: What has been yourcareer highlight to date? CL: “My career highlighthas been winning the 2008 olympics and getting my first goldmedal.” LMS: What is thebest/worst game you have played in and why? CL: “I have had manygood games and many bad games but it is important for me to takeaway the good in my bad games and work harder the next time. youcan’t always play well every game but you must evaluate when youare not playing well and keep it simple and find other ways to besuccessful. ” LMS: Do you have anysuperstitions or pre-match rituals before a soccer match? CL: “I don’t have anysuperstitions just drinking a lot of water prior and stretching alot and making sure i mentally prepare for the game.” LMS: What advice wouldyou give to someone thinking about getting involved in women andgirls soccer? CL: “Try it out, andhave fun no matter what.” LMS: What are yourhobbies/interests when you are not playing soccer? CL: “I like to golf,shop, hang out, watch movies, play the wii, and scrapbook.” LMS: In your opinion,how has women’s soccer progressed since you first started playingand what would you like to see for the future of women’ssoccer? CL: “Women’s soccer hasevolved so much especially around the country, players are becomingso good and the competition is so much harder.” LMS MemberQuestions: Rebecca: Chicago is mytown and i am really excited for you to come to chicago. Do youlike the Chicago Redstars team so far and have you met all theplayers on that team? Carli Lloyd: “I think Iwill love the Chicago Red Stars team. We haven’t started yet butthe prospective players seem really nice and really talented. Iknow its going to be the best place for me!” AJ Hickman: How did itfeel to come back to the US with the gold medal around yourneck? Carli Lloyd: “It feltamazing to come back with a gold medal. The best accomplishment ofmy career. I will never forget that day I was standing on thepodium with my teammates. I pinch myself sometimes and say wow Ireally am an Olympic Champion.” LMS: Thank you fortaking the time to answer our questions. Good luck in the upcomingWomen’s Pro League. Visit Carli’s Official Website:

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