Carolina Morace has resigned as head coach of the Canadian women’s soccer team. The shock decision, which also included the resignation of her coaching staff, was handed to the Canadian Soccer Association verbally on Wednesday.

Canada, which had gone into the World Cup finals having lost only twice in its previous 25 games with Morace in charge and had moved to sixth in FIFA world rankings, but  the team failed to capture a point in Germany. Canada lost all three of its group games against Germany, France and Nigeria this was seen as very bad for the team and coach. Carolina Morace had held the post since 2009.

The resignations came at the end of post-World Cup assessment of Canadian team performance. This news was out of the blue. It also comes at a bad time with Canada needing to regroup for Olympic Games 2012 qualifications scheduled for Vancouver in January.


Photo: Scott Heavey/Getty Images Europe


  1. gromit 9 years ago

    By the way, nice gif :o)

  2. melly 10 years ago

    I have no idea who will become the new WNT CAN coach?  I do agree with Jason de Vos all the way! everything needs to change right down to the youth and how they get trained in order to have good national competing teams. I think in the Canadian Women’s team they simply couldn’t keep the style they were trained to play in high pressure games….I was a little disappointed with Morace’s body lauguage during the WWC, she didn’t seem to show a lot of support! maybe it was just me? Always lots of questions then answers. We will just have to see!

  3. Izzy 10 years ago

    Campaign: Morace like new brazilian coach!

  4. Women's Soccer United 10 years ago

    @Melly I totally agree with you, I was discussing that when we heard this story break. It is very sad for the players who showed her so much support during that difficult time. Gareth made a good point on Twitter, that it is best for the decision to be made now so there is time for the team to adapt. 
    I wonder who is going to benefit from Carolina as their coach?

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