England to host 2021 UEFA Women's EURO

Carter wants back to back Euros

Arsenal striker Danielle Carter wants to see back to Euros next summer.

With Euro 2020 postponed due to the Coronavirus outbreak and moved to 2021 it collides with the Women’s Euro 2021.

However Carter who is recovering from injury wants to see both tournaments take place back to back.

Carter said: “Not many people know what’s going on, especially us in the women’s game. The men’s Euros has been postponed to next year but obviously that is when the women’s Euros was meant to be.

Hopefully they can do back-to-back – but that’s up to UEFA. We can just prepare for it and it would be great to have a back-to-back Euros.”

Carter also went on to add that she is training well despite the coronavirus pandemic.

She said” Im healthy and all my family are aswell luckily, doing well, it’s hard times at the minute but we just have to stick together and get through it”.

“Most of the girls have been training at home and at local parks but it’s just something that we have to deal with moving forward”.

When asked about her recovery she said ” My Ligaments strong, if anything selfishly I’ll probably benefit if there is a delay in the season, I’ll be able to step on the grass again but let’s just see if it does come back this season”.


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