Central America and Caribbean Games

Central America and Caribbean Games Women’s Football Tournament 2014


Mexico Win Central America & Caribbean Games Women’s Football Tournament 2014

mexico 2014 team photo




Trinidad and Tobago



Costa Rica
Dominican Republic


Central America and Caribbean Games Women’s Football Match Fixtures:

Monday 17th November

Haiti 1 – 1 Trinidad and Tobago

Goals From:

Roselord Borgella 27′ (Haiti)

Patrice Campbell 51′ (Trinidad and Tobago)


Mexico 1 – 1 Colombia

Goals From:

Orianica Velazquez 32′ (Colombia)

Veronica Charlyn Corral 90+5′ (Mexico)


Tuesday 18th November

Nicaragua 1 – 0 Dominican Republic

Goals From:

Carolina Solis 31′ (Nicaragua)


Costa Rica 2 – 1 Venezuela

Goals From:

Canas 28′ (Venezuela)

Granados 77′ (Costa Rica)

Villalobos 89′ (Costa Rica)


Wednesday 19th November

Haiti 0 – 3 Colombia

Goals From:

Katerin Castro 31′ 67′ 78′ (Colombia)


Mexico 6 – 0 Trinidad and Tobago

Goals From:

Corral 43′ 56′ 65′ 71′ (Mexico)

Dominguez 47′ (Mexico)

Jaramillo 61′ (Mexico)


Thursday 20th November

Venezuela 6 – 2 Dominican Republic

Goals From:

Gabriela Garcia 10′ 83′ (Venezuela)

Alexyar Canas 18′ (Venezuela)

Alexan Nunez 45+1′ (Dominican Republic)

Leury Basanta 52′ (Venezuela)

Tahicelis Marcano 56′ (Venezuela)

Betzaida Ubri 68′ (Dominican Republic)

90+4′ (own goal)


Nicaragua 0 – 3 Costa Rica

Goals From:

Katherine Alvarado 10′ (Costa Rica)

Carolina Venegas 44′ (Costa Rica)

Gloriana Villalobos 90+2′ (Costa Rica)


Friday 21st November

Colombia 7 – 0 Trinidad and Tobago

Goals From:

Nataly Arias 5′ (Colombia)

Diana Ospina 18′ (Colombia)

Carolina Arias 32′ (Colombia)

Ingrid Vidal 33′ (Colombia)

Katerin Castro 77′ 79′ (Colombia)

Hazleydi Rincon 90+21′ (Colombia)



Mexico 1 – 0 Haiti

Goals From:

Stephany Mayor 87′ (Mexico)


Saturday 22nd November

Venezuela 3 – 0 Nicaragua

Goals From:

Lourdes Moreno 21′ (Venezuela)

Gabriela Garcia 45+2′ 59′ (Venezuela)



Costa Rica 6 – 1 Dominican Republic

Goals From:

Carol Sanchez 14′ (Costa Rica)

Maria Barrantes 33′ (Costa Rica)

Karla Villalobos 39′ 61′ 90′ (Costa Rica)

Yesmi Rodriguez 53′ (Costa Rica)

Betzaida Ubri 70′ (Dominican Republic)


Semi Finals:

25th November

Colombia 1 – 0 Venezuela

Goals From:

Daniela Montoya 84′ (Colombia)



Mexico 1 – 0 Costa Rica

Verónica Pérez 90′ (Mexico)





Colombia 0 – 2 Mexico

Goals From:

Veronica Corral 80′ (Mexico)

Maribel Dominguez 88′ (Mexico)


3rd Place Match


Costa Rica 3 – 2 Venezuela

Goals From:

Daniuska Rodriguez 11′ 22′ (Venezuela)

Carolina Venegas 12′ (Costa Rica)

Cristin Yorleny Granados 55′ (Costa Rica)

Daphne Melissa Herrera 90+5′ (Costa Rica)






  1. WSU 7 years ago

    Costa Rica squad for Central and Caribbean Games 2014:

    Noelia Bermudez (C.S. Herediano)
    Dinnia Diaz (Moravia)
    Yolian Salas (Moravia)
    Diana Sáenz (University of South Florida)
    Marianna Benavides (C.S. Herediano)
    Karot Sanchez (Moravia)
    Gabriela Guillen (C.D. Saprissa)
    Daniela Cruz (University of West Florida)
    Lixy Rodriguez (UCEM Alajuela)
    Maria Fernanada Barrantes (Moravia)
    Katherine Alvarado (C.D. Saprissa)
    Yesmi Rodriguez (Moravia)
    Cristin Granados (C.D. Saprissa)
    Gloriana Villalobos (C.D. Saprissa)
    Shirley Cruz (PSG)
    Melissa Herrera (C.D. Saprissa)
    Viviana Chinchilla (UCEM Alajuela)
    Carolina Venegas (C.D. Saprissa)
    Karla Villalobos (C.S. Herediano)
    Wendy Acosta (Moravia)

    Head Coach: Carlos Avedessian

  2. WSU 7 years ago

    Venezuela squad for Central and Caribbean Games 2014:
    Maleike Pacheco (UCV)
    Neidy Romero (UCV)
    Franyely Rodríguez (Valencia SC)
    Sandra Luzardo (ACD Lara)
    Yosneidy Zambrano (ACD Lara)
    Alexyar Cañas (ACD Lara)
    Nikol González (AC San Antonio)
    Soleidys Rengel (Deportivo Anzoátegui)
    Thaicelis Marcano (Deportivo Anzoátegui)
    Leury Basanta (Deportivo Anzoátegui)
    Daniuska Rodríguez (Seca Sport)
    Jaylis Oliveros (Estudiantes De Guárico)
    Lourdes Moreno (Potras FC)
    Gabriela García (Aso. Sucre)
    Yuleisi Rivero (OD Cachimbos FC)
    Nubiluz Rengel (La Fría)
    Idalys Pérez (Máximo Viloria)
    Yenifer Giménez (Máximo Viloria)
    Michelle Romero (Aso. Zulia)

    Head Coach: Kenneth Zseremeta

  3. WSU 7 years ago

    Colombia squad for Central and Caribbean Games 2014:
    Carolina Arias Vidal (Generaciones Palmiranas)
    Ingrid Julieth Vidal Isaza (Generaciones Palmiranas)
    Mildrey Carolina Pineda (Generaciones Palmiranas)
    Leicy Maria Santos Herrera (Club Besser)
    Orianica Velasquez Herrera (Club Gol Star)
    Natalia Gaitan Laguado (Club Gol Star)
    Tatiana Ariza Diaz (Club Gol Star)
    Angela Corina Clavijo Silva (Club Kasamat)
    Lady Patricia Andrade Rodriguez (Club Formas Íntimas)
    Diana Carolina Ospina Garcia (Club Formas Íntimas)
    Sandra Milena Sepulveda Lopera (Club Formas Íntimas)
    Daniela Montoya Quiroz (Club Formas Íntimas)
    Katherin Fabiola Castro Munoz (Club Alno)
    Melissa Marie Ortiz Matalana (Boston Breakers)
    Hazleidy Yorely Rincon Torres (New York Flash)
    Katherine Nataly Arias Pena (Atlanta SilverBacks)
    Isabella Echeverri Restrepo (University Toledo)
    Derly Stefany Castano Cardozo (Graceland University)

    Head coach: Fabian Felipe Taborda Torres

  4. Tamara 7 years ago

    What competition was this? This was not the senior national team, was it?

    • WSU 7 years ago

      Hi @Tamara
      The Central and Caribbean Games takes place every four years in between the Summer Olympics and features countries in Central America, the Caribbean, Mexico, Bermuda, and the South American countries of Surinam, Guyana, Colombia and Venezuela.

      The women’s football tournament at the games is considered to be an under-21 age group competition, but up to three players born before 1 January 1993 may be named in the squad.

      I will try and get a list of the squads who participated, so we can see the strength of them.

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