Challenge Anita Asante and Ali Riley

In the latest edition of ‘The A&A Show’, Anita Asante and Ali Riley were joined by Ramona Bachmann and Marta who showcased some amazing skills! If you have not had a chance to see it already, go check the video out now!

Now that we have all seen the video, it is time to challenge Anita Asante and Ali Riley (aka Marta and Ramona Bachmann)! What tricks or other football challenges would you like to see them attempt?

We have come up with a few ideas in the poll below, but you are welcome to add your own ideas by using the ‘other’ option.

If you are not familiar with the football tricks in the poll by name you can check out examples at the following links: Nutmeg,- Rainbow Flick/Lambretta, – Scissor/Bicycle Kick, – The Seal Dribble, – The Rabona

We have had a great suggestion by one of our voters. Check out this youTube video – The tricks featured in the video (The Mesmomeg, Double Switch, Double Touch, Panna-Maradona and Wingrove-Cruyffto have been added to the poll below.

The most popular challenge(s) will be sent to Ali Riley and Anita Asante who will attempt them and feature it in an upcoming episode of ‘The A&A Show’!

Thank you for taking part! The results of the poll are shown below:

Anita Asante and Ali Riley challenge

We look forward to seeing Ali Riley and Anita Asante take up the challenge!!


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