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Chelcee Grimes Interview on Women’s Soccer United

Chelcee Grimes: “The never die attitude is a mental trait you need for both music AND football”

Chelcee Grimes is making headlines both on and off the pitch with success as a professional footballer playing for London based club, Fulham FC and a singer/songwriter.

Chelcee’s story is one of true determination that sets a wonderful example of why you should never give up on your dreams. She showed tremendous character to bounce back from being dropped by her record label in 2012, remained positive and focused on her goals – she is now re-signed and releasing her debut single… Whilst continuing with her love of playing football!

Grimes has emerged as one of the UK’s exciting talents and has already written music for Kylie, Olly Murs and Dua Lipa to name just a few!

Chelcee Grimes releases her debut single ‘Just Like That’ via RCA on 8 June 2018, written in an intense 10 minute burst of creativity resulting in a swaggering and suggestive pop gem.

We were very excited to get the opportunity to catch up with Chelcee for an exclusive interview on Women’s Soccer United, in which the 25 year old shares her experiences so far, thoughts on the women’s game and her future ambitions.

Women’s Soccer United: Let’s start with your music, how does it feel to be releasing your debut single ‘Just Like That’ – Is this something you have been working towards for a long time?

Chelcee Grimes: It feels like I could cry, well, I actually did.. for majority of the first few hours it was released, I have been working on this for the past 8years… it feels like a big accomplishment to finally have my music out there.

Women’s Soccer United: You have already experienced great success in your music career having song-writing credits for Kylie Minogue, Dua Lipa and The Saturdays as well as being a vocalist and co-writer on Deeper, an Olly Murs track on the number one album 24hrs! What age were you when first started writing songs and how did the opportunities arise to write for global pop superstars?

Chelcee Grimes: The truth is – I got dropped, and had to think fast, I could have just gave up but football has installed a never die attitude in me and it’s just not in me to give up. I knew I could write songs, and I would make it, but I would just have to find another way. I literally started writing in my bedroom. Then connected with other people online, mainly producers and I hustled, the more people start to hear about you, the more the people were asking me to write for bigger and better people but it started with belief.

Women’s Soccer United: Just as your music career was taking off you suffered a set-back being dropped from the record label, RCA Records. Can you describe how you felt at this time and how you were able to mentally pick yourself back up and find the resilience to fight on for your dream?

Chelcee Grimes: I thought about football a lot at this moment actually, Like how just because you lose in a cup final one year doesn’t mean you won’t win it the next. I do definetly think football had helped me take the blow better than if I hadn’t been into sports at all. It’s life, you gotta keep rolling with the punches, it just wasn’t my time then, my time is now.

Women’s Soccer United: How has this rollercoaster career ride shaped you as an artist?

Chelcee Grimes: It’s shaped me massively, it’s a part of my story I cherish and love and it sets me apart from everybody else. I know what it’s like to lose it so I work twice as hard and don’t ever take it for granted… I’m happy it happened. I never thought I’d be able to say that when I was crying myself to sleep the night I got told I was dropped but I honestly am. Everything happens for a reason. I really do believe that.

Women’s Soccer United: What is your favourite song that you have written so far and why?

Chelcee Grimes: For myself I think it’s got to be a song called “Generation” which you will hear soon, it was the blueprint for the whole album. But for somebody else it was a big song in Asia called “11.11” By Taeyeon. It was about my father who passed away when I was young and it’s the first song I wrote about him and I don’t know, it just means a lot to me. I never expected it to sell so many copies around the world and be sang in another language… I love that about music, it’s so universal.

Women’s Soccer United: Who are your music role models and inspirations?

Chelcee Grimes: Lady GaGa.. I love her. I just love how different she was. I Also love P!nk, Gwen Stefani, Rihanna, Katy Perry, Avril Lavigne. All the ballsy Pop girls!

Women’s Soccer United: What are your short-term and long-term ambitions for your music career?

Chelcee Grimes: Short term would be have a few songs on the radio by this time next year and be touring the world. Long-Term is I hope I’m still writing songs for the rest of my life.

Chelcee Grimes

Women’s Soccer United: Can you share with us your most memorable moment in your music career, so far?

Chelcee Grimes: The most memorable was releasing my first single “Just Like That” I’ll never ever forget that.

Women’s Soccer United: Alongside your love and talent for music is football (Playing for Liverpool and now Fulham)! How long have you been playing now and who/what inspired you to get involved?

Chelcee Grimes: I’ve been playing for over 10 years which is SO CRAZY!!! I still feel like a child when I play, it’s such a great feeling. I just forget the world around me and for 90minutes nothing else matters. I got involved because I was the only girl in my street so if I ever wanted to play outside – I would have to play with the boys…So football it was. I was kinda forced into it.

Women’s Soccer United: Are there any similarities between music and football?

Chelcee Grimes: So many, I use so many footballing analogies within music, people think I’m crazy! (which I am a little) I think like I said before, the never die attitude is a mental trait you need for both music AND Football. That’s definitely key for me.

Women’s Soccer United: You currently play for Fulham FC, can you tell us a little about your club and team-mates and what are their thoughts on your music?

Chelcee Grimes: My Team mates LOVE IT! They actually all stayed up until midnight on the night of my release with me and bought it at 12. We have a whatsapp group and that was popping off all night, they’re so supportive. I’m very lucky to have such great friends on and off the pitch.

Women’s Soccer United: How would you describe your playing style?

Chelcee Grimes: Creative, I think it’s just in me for music and football – I love to run at people, I play attacking midfield but sometimes up top, I love scoring goals but quite equally getting a assist is great too.

Chelcee Grimes

Women’s Soccer United: Is it easy to find time to pursue both your music and football career or does one have to take precedence?

Chelcee Grimes: No, and it’s getting harder and harder. I’m missing training this weekend because I have to rehearse for a show.. I try to balance it out as much as possible but sometimes it’s impossible. Music for now is in the lead when it comes to making a decision just because it pays my bills and I’m in the middle of the album, if there was the same wage in women’s football as the men’s though, maybe it would be more of a difficult decision..

Women’s Soccer United: What do you think of the new English women’s football pyramid and branding?

Chelcee Grimes: I Think it’s great, the growth in the game is growing massively! So whatever the league can do to help

Women’s Soccer United: What would be your ultimate dream…. Number one single or scoring the winning goal in a World Cup Final?

Chelcee Grimes: I Couldn’t possibly decide!!!

Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions. We wish you all the very best for your career, both music and football!

Listen to ‘Just Like That’ on the WSU playlist now:


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