Our last two games were two on the road for us. We played Friday away against London and then Saturday away against K-W United.

Two games in two days is a challenge our college players will find familiar, but still remains a challenge for us all as a team. It is straining on the body to play two full games with out the opportunity to recover in between games, and to add on to the stress on the body they are also away games.

I am not going to pretend that you have to be superwoman to compete at a high level with these challenges. In fact, I will invite you along on our away journey with us through this blog. This is done to give you a little insight in how we travel and our schedule on such a road trip. As far as the photos goes. I am always acting like paparazzi with no consideration of players input on quality of photos. It is what it is.

But first.. Let me take a selfie
Lisa-Marie Woods selfie

Thursday: Travel day: Ottawa –London 7 Hours

11.am: Players get picked up by bus right outside their downtown apartments
Ottawa Fury team bus

Even though there is always plenty of snacks and drinks on the bus we make sure we stop half way so everyone onboard can stretch their feet a little bit.
Ottawa Fury team bus
7 Hours (Plus) Later we arrive at the hotel and a high-five from coach
Ottawa Fury hotel
The rest of travel day is spent eating!! (Soccer girls can EAT), stretching and relaxing. No training- sleep YES.

Key Element:
Lisa-Marie Woods blog

Stay Hydrated girls!

Friday: Game day

10.30: As sleep is important, breakfast was set to 10.30. It is always important to start the day of with good food. Personally I had some bread, eggs, oats, lots of water and a little bit of coffee (Making sure not to drink to much coffee as it can dehydrate)
Ottawa Fury gameday

12: Checkout time – Too early. We settle into meeting room! Instead of being bored, we support a good cause!
Ottawa Fury says no to racism
2 PM: Game day walk with the team (40 min ish)
Ottawa Fury game day walk
3 PM: Game meeting. Freshen up on the tactics for today’s game.
Ottawa Fury tactics
Some more serious than others… Kristy Moore

Ottawa Fury before kick off
5 PM: Leave for game. We are now mentally preparing for the game. Switched on. Everyone prepare differently

7 PM: Kickoff. Play 45, Play 45. Win. Smile

Postgame: Shower. Happy.Get back on bus. Eat on bus. Drive 1.5-2 hours to K- Waterloo.
Ottawa Fury travel home

11 PM: Arrive at Hotel: GOOD night.

Saturday: Game day two

Repeat of Friday but checkout today was 3 PM (which means an extra nap) or some downtime with Dexter
Ottawa Fury relax
7 PM: Kickoff. Play 45. Play 45. Win. Smile.

10 PM: heading home.

3.30 AM: Home. Tired. 6 points so got to be happy.

Comments on the games:

Both of these teams are teams we should win against. With that being said, we did recognize that we entered their home ground and we know that everyone is going to give you a fight for their points.

London vs. Fury:

In this game we were off to a good start with a goal after three minutes. We controlled most of this game from start to finish and allowed ourselves to change out quite a few players after the scoreboard displayed 0-4 in our advantage. We sit back with the positives from scoring 4 goals and not allowing any goals on us. In addition to this we did (as I indicated we would in my last blog) change up a little bit, and the small adjustments were positive for the way we want to play. This was the first game where we come out from start to show our potential for larger periods of time. We are getting closer to where we want to be.

K-W United vs. Fury:

We decided before the game to come out hard and get a solid start and so we did with a goal in the first minutes of the game. We got another goal in first half to make it 2-0, before we conceded a goal in which we should have prevented. We played some good football and controlled the game in the first half. Coming in to second half we could tell that we were getting more and more tired, and gave K-W more and more momentum in the game. However, they were really not dangerous towards goal and we were closer to 3-1 that they were to 2-2. I will however state that they claimed more and more ball possession and kept us running for the full 90 minutes. Deserved win. Team is once again keeping up phase in play, even though we could tell that we were tired in second half.

6 points in the bag, and we start preparing for a tough away game in three days, away against Laval Comets.

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