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Someone from WSU approached me to let me know that I am considered as one of the “high profile players”, asking if I’d be interested to blog for their community.

Not that I really care about status or anything but let’s face it, I grew up dreaming of being one of those really good ones. I was thrilled and gladly said yes. Do I have to mention that I am easily bought?

If this comment came from the bottom of the heart of the sender I don’t know and I honestly don’t care too much about it. I know I’ve come a long way on my journey.

My journey started in Marmorbyn in Sweden. Ever heard of it? It’s a small village in the heart of Södermanland, about 16 miles from Stockholm but without similarities to the capital, not even the accent. We sound like the farmers we are and I am proud of it.

In the early ages there were marble quarries in that area and the village sprung from it, I guess. During my time, that was no longer active and what was remained was known as very dangerous holes and a very deep lake. I saw the lake every time I took my bike to my first football club, located a bit from the village out on the countryside. I had to ride my bike for about 20 minutes before reaching my destination.

The club connected to the village was Gropptorps IF. My first ever game jersey was worn when playing for this club. We were black and yellow and I loved our colors. We had training gear that was black and purple and I loved those too. I also remember our orange game jerseys. When we wore those we would always win. It was our lucky color.

I played football with the boys from the village, the boys in my class. There were only twelve people in my class and half of them were boys. To begin with I think there were a few more girls playing, but they quickly quit while I remained.

I played football with the boys for a long time but for some reason it felt right to play with the girls team at a certain age. Before the change I remember how I travelled to away games and had to find a place to change, often in the room meant for the referee. I guess I got tired of that at some point.

The journey has been long since then. I could tell you so much about my personal history, but this will do for now.

Today I am a professional, playing for Kristianstads DFF in Damallsvenskan. I’ve played in Damallsvenskan since 2001 and done 97 appearances for the Swedish full senior national-team. I’ve also done a number of appearances for the U21 and youth national-teams as well.

Hedvig LindahlAll I can say is that I am honored to have gotten the opportunity to write for WSU, since I truly believe that communities play an important part of the future of women’s football. In order to grow I believe we need to share our stories, to remind each other about the history and love the joy that trying to predict the future brings. Our thing we got going on is great and I look forward to add value to the game you already love, by playing the game and then telling the story about it.

Now you have got a glance into the history and the present, but what about a glance into my future?

I can tell you that I am going all in for the World Cup 2015. I want to make it my best performance ever.

For that to happen we, Sweden, need to qualify and I need to work hard to be on top of my game. Follow my blog to see what happens along that path. You might also get an insight into my thoughts on hot topics right now and get reminded of the stories one might have forgotten.

”I think if you follow anyone home, whether they live in Houston or London, and you sit at their dinner table and talk to them about their mother who has cancer or their child who is struggling in school, and their fears about watching their lives go by, I think we’re all the same.” – Brene Brown

If you can’t get enough of me and need more information between my entries, you are welcome to follow me at my website or through the most common social media platforms. I’d love if you would connect with me and give me an insight of what you would like to read about.

Website: www.hedviglindahl.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/hedvig.lindahl
Twitter: www.twitter.com/hedvig_lindahl
Instagram: www.instagram.com/hedviglindahl

  1. Izzy 6 years ago

    Hi Hedvig, great blog! It is a pleasure read more about your career. I always admired you as a player and person. Thanks for share with us your thoughts and life experiences!
    Best wishes from Brazil

  2. Gina West 6 years ago

    Thank you for your blog Hedvig. I really enjoyed reading a bit about your journey so far. It made me smile, your experiences with playing in the boys football team I could relate to some of them. How did you get to become a professional player, did you attend trials or were you spotted by player scouts?
    Wishing you and the Swedish WNT luck for your qualifiers for the World Cup – have you noticed a difference in the competitiveness from other nations compared to when you first started playing?

  3. Asa 6 years ago

    Thank you Hedvig Lindahl great blog.

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