Cristiana Girelli

Cristiana Girelli: the Italian national team and a thrilling season final in Serie A with Brescia.

In these weeks, the Italian Women’s Serie A is coming to an end and Juventus and Brescia are head to head at the top. In the meantime, Italian national team is waiting for an important appointment in June that could mean the access to the World Cup in 2019.

The young and talented Cristiana Girelli is a key player in both “Azzurre” team and Brescia. In April, she scored an important goal in the match against Belgium and she is more than ever committed to help her team, Brescia, to win the Italian championship. A few weeks ago Mario Merati interviewed her for Calciodonne, here is the translation of the inspiring chat with her.

Undoubtedly, Cristiana Girelli will not easily forget these last weeks, her goal against Belgium has opened the way for the Italian National team to reach the World Cup in France in 2019, and her team, Brescia, is leading an exciting head to head with Juventus team in the Italian Serie A. Moreover, only a few days ago, her team won against Juventus reaching the Italian Women’s Cup semi finals.

I wanted to hear from Cristiana to relive with her these last weeks, her emotions and also her thoughts on the present and future of our National team and Championship, which look exciting and full of suspense until the last minutes … and maybe beyond!

Hi Cristiana, what emotions are you feeling after these weeks so special for you?

“I have waited a lot this week and these important events, my friends and I felt a lot of adrenaline. In five days, we risked everything, with the national team, and we, at Brescia, against Juventus, because one defeat would almost certainly have determined their final success. Last Saturday match with Juventus was a real undertaking, especially thinking about the first round, where they proved to be superior. At the beginning of the season, nobody would have thought of a championship so hard-fought until the end. Fiorentina was missing, I believed there would have been a duel between them and Juve, but then, as time passed, and the excellent results obtained, we began to believe more and more, and the positive effects are there for all to see. Thanks also to Mr. Piovani and all the staff, an incredible team work. Saturday, the coached pushed us a lot, he gave us the right psychological strength. Saturday winning was a victory for everyone, including fans who always follow us with so much passion. ”

After the victorious match with the national team (against Belgium), how was the meeting between you players from Brescia and your rivals in Juventus? Curiosity? Joking?

“In Ferrara, immediately after the final whistle, looking at the big scoreboard with the names ROSUCCI-GIRELLI, we hugged, smiling happily and I think the thought inevitably went to the game that would have seen us as rivals on the field a few days later. We were all calm, feeling an immense joy, there were no particular jokes, teasing or anything else. We said goodbye knowing we would have met for the match, we’ve known each other for a long time, there was no need for many words between us… our looks said everything, but of course each of us had our own thoughts and hopes!”

After your win against Juventus, watching the next matches, how do you judge yours and Juventus’ schedule?

“I saw the schedule, first I have to say that there are no matches with a predicted result for us or for them. They will be matches to play with the greatest attention, even against the teams that in theory seems weaker. If I have to do a more thorough general examination, I think that Brescia has a slightly more difficult timetable. In short, there is uncertainty until the end, but the Brescia seen lately, will not be afraid of anyone, respect yes, but no fear!”

On June 8th, the National team will play in Florence another important game against Portugal, if you win, you’ll go to the World Cup in France!! What are the main qualities of this “azzurro” group and what did Milena Bertolini give you from a technical and mental point of view?

“We are a group of 23 players and there are no regulars. Milena Bertolini has made each of us grow with a great trust, self-esteem and a spirit of sacrifice, things very important to her. We help each other, we have created a strong harmony between us and the basis of everything is also the great friendship that binds us, also because we’ve known each other for years, we have played many games together and even if we are opponents, we respect each other a lot. The serenity we feel when we stay together is fundamental and this is also thanks to a prepared staff, which helps the coach in the field during the training and gives support, collaboration and advice to all of us girls! All this has allowed us players to go into the field with the awareness of being strong and being able to play against any team.”

You are a complete player: strength, shooting, speed, head, do you think you still have room for improvement in one of these football “specialities”?

“We must never be satisfied with what we have achieved, we need to work hard and hard throughout the week. I think I have to improve a bit in speed and work more on physical strength, which is important when you meet athletes more physically prepared, present in most European national teams or clubs. I always want to be at the TOP and to achieve this goal, I must be aware of always giving my best, of being able to correct the mistakes I commit and that make me so angry, because I am very demanding towards myself!”

Thanks Cristiana, surely for you and your team mates of National and Brescia this will be an important season finale exciting to live.

  1. WSU 4 years ago

    Very inspiring read, thank you Elena. Cristiana is a great player with a lot of determination and passion for the game. I wish all the best for the exciting end to the Serie A, (I can’t wait to see which way it’s going to go). And good luck for Italy’s World Cup qualifier next month!

  2. Asa 4 years ago

    Thank you Elena

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