On Easter of 2012, April 4-8, the Dallas Texans will host the second Dallas International Girls Cup. In 2011, more than 60 teams from 6 different nations participated at the Dallas International Girls Cup. For 2012 almost 100 teams from all over the world will participate in the most competitive international youth girl’s tournament in the USA.

Host of this event will be the Dallas Texans which are ranked the #1 youth soccer club in the United States with 18,000 players and 700 teams. Some of the Dallas Texans success includes:

More than 10 National Championships
More than 30 National Finalists
More than 30 Regional Championships
More than 50 Regional Final Appearances
More than 80 Regional Appearances
More than 90 State Championship Titles
First American team to win the Super Group
U.S. Soccer National League Championships
Premier League Championships

Champions of tournaments such as Manchester United Premier Cup, Dallas Cup, WAGS, Surf Cup, N.C. Raleigh Shoot Out, Tampa Bay Sun Bowl, Plano Labor Day, Disney Soccer Showcase, Gothia Cup, Dana Cup and Tivoli Cup.
Most recently the Dallas Texans’ U19 Girls brought home a 2011 National Championship
The tournament will take place at the brand new Ross Stewart Soccer Complex in Farmers Branch (close to Dallas) as well as at the Cox Soccer Complex only 2 miles from Ross Stewart. We offer 9 world class fields (with lights), a club house and parking facilities.

The Dallas International Girls Cup will take place at the same time as the Dallas Cup, the top international boys youth tournament in the USA. There may be some joint events. The Dallas International Girls Cup plans to offer its teams and participants an impressive opening ceremony, team managers and coaches reception, typical Texans events – in 2011 a Texans Longhorn was present for a photo session and all teams participated in a Texas Line Dance – as well as access to top national and international referees.

The Dallas International Girls Cup will be hosted by the Dallas Texans and organized in partnership with Premier International Tours.

Schedule of Events

Mond., April 2

All day: Arrival of international teams.

Tues., April 3 

All day: Arrival of U.S. and Canadian teams. Check in all teams.
Evening: Opening Ceremony at SMU McFarlin Auditorium for all players, staff and parents – 8:00PM.

Wed., April 4 

All day: First round tournament games (group matches).
Evening: Visit college women soccer game.

Thurs., April 5

All day: Continuation of group matches.
Evening: Coaches and team managers reception at the Holiday Inn Select North Dallas by invite only – 8:30PM.

Fri., April 6

All day: Continuation of the tournament as well as vendor fair at Ross Stewart Soccer.

Evening: Optional visit Dallas Cup semi finals Super Group.

Sat., April 7

All day: Continuation of the tournament as well as vendor fair at Ross Stewart Soccer


Sun.,April 8

All day: Finals, placement matches and friendly games and vendor fair.

Mon., April 9

All day: Departure of teams.


Contact Information and Staff

The 2012 Dallas International Girls Cup will be hosted by the Dallas Texans and organized in partnership with Premier International Tours (PIT).

Tournament Directors: Brent Stewart (Dallas Texans) and Loek van Zijl (Premier International Tours)
Referee Coordinator: Jim Mills 
Volunteers Coordinator: Brent Stewart – 1(972) 762 – 2316 or brentrstewart@gmail.com 

Dallas International Girls Cup
C/O Premier International Tours
288 Clayton Street – Suite 305
Denver, CO 80206

Tyler Joyce, Loek Van Zijl or Mike Stebbins                                                                                                        Phone: 1 (800) 724-6076
International: (001) 303-768-0891
Fax: (303) 768-0756
E-mail:  tyler@premierinternationaltours.com 
Web: www.premierinternationaltours.com/soccer or www.dallastexans.com

Source: dallasinternationalgirlscup.com


  1. gromit 8 years ago

    Thank you Brian, your views are very interesting, particularly because you are a US citizen, expatriated to Germany. That means you are not US-centred, you know by personal experience that European Women’s Football not only lives but is in big and successful expansion.

    Personally, I am attentive to what happens in USA because I am keen to see Women’s Football succeeding everywhere in the world. But – unlike @Gina, for instance ;o) – I don’t see the thing as particularly “exciting”. I am happy for the US WF’s fans if such a League comes up and can live more than three years. But I will be less excited by that than learning, for instance, that WF’s will be considered very seriously in Brazil tomorrow. It’s not Anti-Americanism from me, of course, but only the belief as I said it before, that the future of the game is not in USA but in the “old” Europe who gave it birth and in Asia. With or without any pro-League, “Women’s Soccer” will keep be played by numbers in schools and colleges in Usa anyway. That won’t be endangered by a lack of pro-league. The only danger could be a less powerful National Team, even if I don’t really believe in. Not being a USNT’ supporter, I don’t really care – forgive my honesty – if USNT falls to the level of what is PRC or Norway today.

    So… if a pro or semi-pro league can start again : good ! And I mean it. If it fails (and that would be better to fail before strating, rather than in two or three years as before), too bad. Women’s Football will still be alive in the world. And in UsA.

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