First half


In the 8th round of the Swedish Damallsvenskan Linköping welcomed Göteborg to Folkungavallen. And it turned out to be an entertaining, but goal-less, game. For a complete line up please refer to the official page, found here. With a fairly big crowd, numbering 676 and a fair but windy weather the atmosphere couldn’t be better.


Göteborg started off with a fairly good offence, creating a few dangerous opportunities but Linköping grew with the challenge and took command of the game. In the 14th minute the first real chance showed up as Sällström (18) was givening an opening pass by Aslani (5) on the left side of the pitch. And it was Sällström that created most of the chances for the home team all through the game, only 4 minutes after her first chance she was close again when she receives a ball cleared by the Linköping defence. She almost managed to break through the two Göteborg defenders but was stopped in the last minute. 


In the 20th minute Linköping was close again as Fors (8) almost manages to hit the net. Then in the 28th minute there’s a bit of chaos just in front of the Göteborg goal and the ball almost rolls in as no one really is able to take care of it. The Göteborg defence finally sorts the mess out and clears it, keeping themselves in the game. 


Linköping takes the charge pretty early in the first half and doesn’t let go or give Göteborg too many chances to score even though Samuelsson (15) in the Linköping defence seemed a bit tired and had obvious problems to keep up with the Göteborg offence. 


Second half


The second half starts off a bit slower than the previous and Göteborg plays alot better aswell. In the 57th minute Göteborg nearly takes the lead with a great opportunity. Linköping quickly recovers though and counters with a charge that ends up with another mess in front of the Göteborg goal in the 61st, the ball nearly slipping between all the legs and behind the goal line. 


Göteborg realises something’s got to be done and almost manages to score on Lundgren (1) in the Linköping goal after they’ve recieved a free kick on the left in the 62nd minute. She secures it however and the game is on again and Fors is on it again, with a smashing kick that is saved by a brilliant Hammaström (1) in the Göteborg goal.


After this the tempo goes down a few notches and there’s alot of passes in the midfield as both teams tries to figure out a way to get through. But with a last burst of energy Aslani almost outplays Hammarström in the 90th minute as she’s alone with the keeper. Somehow Hammaström gets her hands on the ball though and saves Göteborg from an almsot certain loss. 




All in all an entertaining game with alot of wonderful sequences. Göteborg is fairly physical, especially Almgren (23) that should have received a card after numerous dubious tackles. She is however a great defender but need to use skills and not brute force to stop the offensive players. 


Linköping deserved the win if judged by the way the teams played. They created alot more chances and played better in general even though Göteborg wasn’t in no way a bad team or without opportunites themselves. Both teams lacked the edge that was required to come up with that special finishing touch.


The best players on the pitch according to the sponsors and speaker was Almgren för Göteborg and Sällström for Linköping. I don’t agrre completly with that though, Sällström is a given but in Göteborg Liljegärd (10) proved she has the skills for the national team. A fairly technical player that works hard, physical and gives everything for the team. 


The next home game will be against Tyresö FF on the 3rd of August. Will try to write about that game aswell. For a small picture library from the game see this link. My battery died in the break though so there are only photos from the fist half unfortunatly.


For more information about the game go here, and to see the standings and so on go here.

  1. Asa 9 years ago

    Thank you Colin

  2. Women's Soccer United 11 years ago

    That would be brilliant, thank you very much 🙂

  3. Author
    Erik 11 years ago

    Why thank you, been a while since I wrote longer texts in English so it may be some flaws here and there. Will try to throw together a report from the upcoming Sweden – Mexico friendly and Sweden – USA game aswell.

  4. Women's Soccer United 11 years ago

    Great match report Eric, I enjoyed reading it 🙂 Thank you for sharing!


    Great photos too:


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