The Danish Women’s team celebrated the international pillow fight day at their homeground in Vejle yesterday.


Soccer girls from Vejle and surrounding areas turned out in strength to participate in a pillow fight. 


Pillow fight was arranged on the women’s home in Vejle in cooperation with the Municipality of Vejle on the occasion of International Pillow Fight Day. The day is celebrated on 6 April each year with pillow fights in numerous variations throughout the world.


Pillow fight today is one of the first pieces of the puzzle we are trying to establish in the coming months leading up to this summer’s European Championship in Sweden to make visible women’s national team. The idea of ​​a pillow fight is to create a different platform where football women can meet its existing and future fans of the new framework, thereby increasing both support for and exposure of the team, “explains project manager Astrid Andreassen, who was behind today’s event. Besides women’s national team and the many in attendance supervisor presses was also the mascot Emma Hu present at Søndertorv before and during the pillow fight.


Watch video footage of the Danish Women’s National Team at the international pillow fight day.


Denmark Women’s national team are back in action on Monday at 18.30 against Russia at CASA Arena Horsens , where admission is free. Later in the spring, you can also meet football women in 16 Danish cities, when as part of DBU Tour 2013 coming all around the country.


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  1. gromit 8 years ago

    I disagree, Lutendo. Imho, England lost because its lack of creativity. There was nobody in MF able to imagine something interesting to do. The poor Jill Scott (rumours about her possibly going to PSG…) couldn’t do everything. As I said elsewhere on WSU, Williams and Asante were inexistent, Yankee not really much better, and Carney came in too late and doesn’t seem perfectly fit yet. But on one occasion, she showed she is THE creative player, with a wonderful cross for White (another inexistent player, but she’s so isolated in the front seat). And the defense was bad too, particularly Houghton, absolutely horrible.

    England is very lucky to have its second match against Russia. This is the opportunity to get better against one of the worst teams of the tournament (with Finland).

    By the way, what about Kelly Smith ? Will she be ready for the Final only ? ;o)

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