A article on the Metro website reveals that David Beckham believes his daughter Harper Seven has just as much chance of following in his footsteps as a global football icon as her three brothers.


Asked if he would mind if his girl slipped on a No. 7 jersey and some studs, Becks explained: ‘No, not at all, not at all. Obviously, when we were living in America that was a big thing, girls playing football. The girls are very talented over there, and women’s football is big in England and Europe as well so… we’ll see.’


Becks shared his hopes for his one-year-old princess and his three lads Brooklyn, 14, Romeo, 10 and eight-year-old Cruz after admitting he never anticipated the scale of how big ‘Brand Beckham’ would become. 


It’s great that David mentions the talent and growth of the women’s game. 

What a player Harper Seven will be if she wants to follow in her dad David Beckham’s footsteps!


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  1. Anonymous 8 years ago

    I know we don’t like to make comparisons but if this result were in the men’s game would we not be calling for a new coach? In most sports I’m sure we would.

    I would hate to see Powell kicked to the curb completely. She has so much knowledge and experience to offer but perhaps in a different role.

    Who would you like to see in her role?

  2. gromit 9 years ago

    An husband who was created to give his name to a film doing a (pleasant) promotion of Women’s Football amongst Indian community in England.

  3. Brian 9 years ago

    who is this guy anyway? 

  4. gromit 9 years ago

    I should first enjoy Paris before enjoying Beckham in Paris ;o)

    (what I say here is valid for PSG’s men only, since I like very much the women’s team).

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