David Ginola aims to combine men and women's World Cups

David Ginola aims to combine men and women’s World Cups

FIFA presidential hopeful David Ginola has revealed he wants to stage the men’s and women’s football World Cups together.

At the moment the World Cups are currently hosted in different countries in different years. The next FIFA Women’s World Cup will take place this summer in Canada, whilst the men held their tournament in Brazil in 2014.

David Ginola has expressed he wants “one global spectacular” that he believes will take the World Cup and women’s football “to new heights”.

Ginola is being backed by a bookmaker to run for the job of FIFA president which is currently held by Sepp Blatter. To be eligible for any election, Ginola would need the support of five football associations and must show active involvement in football for two of the past five years.

Ginola told BBC Radio 5: “We’re talking about equality because we want women to be treated as well as the men.
“We want the women’s World Cup to be organised and played right after the men’s World Cup.
“For example, it would have been in Brazil using the structure of the men’s World Cup. It would be interesting to see how we can set this up.”

Ginola plans to announce a policy a day in the lead up to the Fifa presidency nominations deadline on 29 January.
Fifa vice-president Prince Ali Bin Al Hussein and former diplomat Jerome Champagne, who joined Fifa in 1999, are the other candidates to announce they will stand. Sepp Blatter, has been Fifa president since 1998 and is seeking a fifth term in office.

  1. Izzy 8 years ago

    In my opinion, it is a terrible idea! I believe the host country should want to host the women’s world cup and not feel obligated to host WWC only because it is linked to men’s world cup. I believe also WWC already showed that it is a rentable and successful business, the example is the last WWC in Germany.
    I also think that it will take away all the brilliance of WWC and the Men’s WC will overshadow the feminine event. It will be like Olympic Games and Paralympic Games… no one remember that exist another amazing event after the Olympic Games.

    • Gina West 8 years ago

      I would love to be able to ask David Ginola some further questions on his ideas as my initial reaction is also apprehension towards the idea. I agree with you @Izzy women’s football has already proven to be extremely popular in its own right (Germany 2011 is just one example) and merging it with the men’s game could in fact be more detrimental.
      I think the sentiment of promoting women’s football to the world stage is great, but i think there are better ways we can do this… Including, just give the women’s game the same amount of effort, time, money, etc… And continue to build the sport in its own right.

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