Algarve Cup 2014 day one

The wait is over, Algarve Cup 2014 kick-off day has arrived! Women’s Soccer United will be bringing you live updates from all of the matches.

Join us as we provide coverage of one of the most exciting international women’s football tournaments of the year. Join in the discussions by leaving your comments below.

Day One – Algarve Cup 2014 schedule:

12:45 – Group B: Japan 1-1 USA
15:00 – Group A: Norway 0-1 China
15:00 – Group A: Germany 5-0 Iceland
15:00 – Group C: Russia 1-2 Korea DPR
15:30 – Group C: Portugal 3-2 Austria
18:00 – Group B: Sweden 2-0 Denmark
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  1. Arijana Tomic 8 years ago

    USA is one of favorite to win this cup…game with Japan is over so they need to focus on Sweden and Denmark!! :DD

    • Author
      WSU 8 years ago

      Germany look huge favourites to top Group A and progress to the Algarve Cup 2014 Final. Group B is going to be tough now, Japan and USA can not afford to drop any more points. It will be a battle between Sweden, USA and Japan for the place in the final – Sweden have the advantage after their opening win, but they have a big challenge to overcome USA and Japan.

  2. Ken Suzuki 8 years ago

    My personal view, but USA outperformed Japan not only in the usual physicality and speed but in the quality of passing!! And O’ Reilly looks like Kawasumi playing for INAC Kobe.

    The Nadeshikos were lucky to end up in a draw. It became a close competition because the Americans were relatively poorer in front of goal. It could have become USA’s lopsided win if Bev was there.

    • Author
      WSU 8 years ago

      I personally felt the game lacked a certain urgency, maybe both teams were playing too tactical?

      I have hopes for Bev, now she will be playing in the NWSL for a season she will have a great chance to show Tom Sermanni what she can do.

  3. Sebastian Kanty 8 years ago

    A nice goal by Miyama. Not impossible for a goalkeeper, but not the easiest shot as well.

  4. Sebastian Kanty 8 years ago

    Looks like the US can smell the blood in the water, and have played better the last couple of minutes.

  5. Sebastian Kanty 8 years ago

    Heath isn’t playing, but it’s a bit strange that Pinoe looks so out of it…she makes very bad calls…if any player in the US should have match-fitness, it should have been her. Honestly I don’t think her last couple of months for both Lyon as the US have been all that good.

    • Author
      WSU 8 years ago

      Agree Rapinoe is does not seem to be playing at her best today. Heath is now on the pitch, great to see her back involved,will take her a while to get back to 100%.

  6. Author
    WSU 8 years ago

    Such a shame for Japan to concede a goal like that.

  7. Sebastian Kanty 8 years ago

    That wrongly made offside call against Japan, not when Ogimi made goal, could have cost Japan at least a draw, after the Leroux goal.

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