Denmark against Netherlands Match is cancelled due to players dispute

Friday’s match Denmark against Netherlands Has been cancelled due to players dispute with the DBU.

Last night, the Player Association announced that the players in the women’s team do not want to meet in the national team camp or play the match when they cannot fulfil their wishes for a new national team agreement. It happened after the DBU and the Player Association negotiated all Sunday evening without reaching agreement. In the negotiations, DBU has offered continuation of current collective agreement and increase of women’s team’s match fees, bonuses, fellowships and share of ticket revenues.

When the players do not want to quit, DBU cannot defend playing the international match between Denmark and Holland and has today announced this to the Dutch football federation, UEFA and a number of other relevant authorities. In addition, an email has been written to all ticket buyers who are offered to get the money back.

The situation is profoundly problematic – both sporting, financially and for all in Danish women’s football, says Kim Hallberg, senior director of DBU:

“This is a deeply regrettable situation and we are really sorry to disappoint the many fans who, just as we have were looking forward to this football party. It’s an annoying and unsustainable situation when we cannot complete a sold-out international and homage of the women’s team because of professional disagreements, “he says.

DBU and the Player Association have negotiated for six months new agreements for the women’s team. DBU has repeatedly offered continuation of the existing terms and conditions, as well as increasing the women’s team’s combat fees, bonus and share of ticket revenues while meeting players’ desire for higher fellowships . In Sunday’s debates, DBU joined the players and offered an increase of 46%, while the Player Association maintained a 342% increase and that the players should be employed in DBU – and they would not move.

The players left out of the national team camp Monday, and Monday evening, the Player Association reiterated that the players would only meet up to training and fighting if they had a new deal first and without departing from the ultimate requirements from Sunday evening. Therefore, it is now not possible to conduct the match in a responsible manner to the Dutch opponents and the many different partners, explains Kim Hallberg:

“We want to create the best possible sports framework for all our national teams, and we have tried to meet the players with a nice increase in fellowships and a sharing of rising ticket revenues. At the same time we are working hard to get more commercial partners on the women’s team, which gives money to both players and to invest in the development of women’s football. We cannot, from one day to the other, multiply the cost of fees when there is no corresponding income. So we do not have the opportunity to meet the Player’s very ultimate demands, “says Kim Hallberg.

It is still unclear what should happen in relation to next week’s World Cup qualifier match between Hungary and Denmark. The DBU is in dialogue with FIFA and UEFA on how to handle the situation, as it is a very special situation without precedent.

“This is in every way a historically sad situation. We still hope that we can make a team for the World Cup qualifying match and the important work to create support and thus more income for the women’s team and Danish women’s football, “says Kim Hallberg.
Source courtesy of: DBU Communication


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