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Reports that Denmark will not play this week’s 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup qualifier against Sweden

Denmark Football Association has announced to the Swedish Football Association that Friday’s FIFA Women’s World Cup 2019 qualifier will not be played.

Kim Hallberg, senior vice president says: ‘A historic bad day for the Women’s Team and for everyone in Danish football’

It is the consequence that the players in the Women’s Team have not met for training Monday and Tuesday and DBU already announced on Tuesday that the players’ association announced Wednesday that 10 o’clock would be sent to the Swedish football federation, SFF, DBU has now announced to SFF that the players on the Women’s Team does not want to set up for Friday’s international match, therefore, can not be played.

“It is a historically bad day for the Women’s Team and for Danish football overall. It’s regrettable but also grotesque that we are in a situation where players will not meet up to major international matches, even though we have offered better terms and invited to new negotiations after the matches. We find that the Player Association and the players take international matches and fans as hostages in professional negotiations, “said Kim Hallberg.

DBU has also informed FIFA about the players’ absence from the national team camp and a ban on the international match against Sweden and awaiting a disciplinary ruling that may be both financial, punitive and / or excluded from the entire World Cup qualification. On Tuesday, the Women’s Team should meet Croatia away from home, but also the fight is at great risk of being canceled.

“We do not know the consequences yet, but no matter what is this a huge loss for Danish women’s football, which otherwise had a historic momentum. It is sad and regrettable in every possible way, “says Kim Hallberg.

The DBU and the Player Association have negotiated new national team agreements for the Women’s Team and the U21 Men’s Team since November last year. Last month, LO and DIF have been involved as brokers for eight meetings, which lasted more than 70 hours in total.

DBU has offered to increase the investment in Women’s Team by two million. DKK a year, from 2.6 to 4.6 million. kr. to go to higher fees, bonuses and fellowships as well as a strengthening of the staff around the team. However, there are still disagreements about a number of fundamental issues, including the involvement of the Player Society in activities in the national team camp and the distribution of the fellows.


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