To sum up the season 2012 it was an award ceremony of bronze medals.
Donchanka took the third place three times in the Ukrainian Championship(1997,2002 and 2003)!

Honorary guests arrived to reward the bronze medals and personal prizes. They were Executive Director of Donetsk Football Federation Gayvoronsky V. , representatives of football clubs “Orlain” Orlain V. , “Rubin” Yashenko S. , “Olimpick” Umanez R. and “Shakhtar” Kurenkov G.

We should also thank Gvetadze I. , vice-chair of “the Party of Regions” Kosyanuk A. , sport bar “Svoy” , the veterans of FC “Tekstilshick ” and of course honorary President of FC “Donchanka” Yakushev N. for their help with organization our celebration !

All players received unique diplomas and presents !

We congratulate our team for wonderful season and wish luck in 2013!!!!

  1. Women's Soccer United 8 years ago

    England line-up added above.

    Rachel Yankey has been named captain as she will set a new England senior appearance record of 126 caps!

  2. Asa 9 years ago

    Thank you @Maxim Minin

  3. Women's Soccer United 9 years ago


    Wishing you lots of luck and success for the 2013 season 🙂

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