Four Tournament. Moldova. Up to 17 years …

Moldova Ukraine 2-0

Romania, Hungary 18-00
Due to the high temperatures in recent days in Moldova, the organizers of the tournament, with the consent of all participating teams, decided to change the start time of matches.

  1. gromit 9 years ago

    OGCNice féminines : 2nd match, first defeat

    Episode 2 / 2nd part :

    All sundays are not alike… Last week, OGCNice féminines took an excellent start on the road to D2 with a convincing, even if not easy, win (2-1). Today, the team had the opportunity to keep going with a second consecutive home match, this time facing Sète (who lost its first match at home last week vs Villeneuve-les Maguelonne (0-2).
    But the Niçoises were completely out of the match. No will to win apparently, even no will to play. A liveless collective performance, really unworthy of a team pretending to reach D2. Even the players I noticed last week as the best (Dylannie Delrio or Léa Malaret) missed absolutely everything and were apathic. And I must say that the young coach (22 years old) was strangely silent during the whole match and didn’t make any tactical adjustements.
    The Sètoises were much more motivated and displayed more solidarity, even if their game was rather poor too. They deserved their victory, with a very nice second goal.

    I’m very disappointed, not by the loss (that’s football !) but because the players didn’t respect their colours. You can lose but you have to fight. They didn’t. They have two weeks to rest now before playing their third match, which will be the first away and the last of the first round, at Villeneuve-les-Maguelonne, the current leader who had a draw today at La Sanne Saint-Roman (4-4).

    The ranking of the group is :

    1. Villeneuve-les-Maguelonne 6 pts (+2)
    2. Sète 5 pts (0)
    3. Nice 5 pts (-1)
    4. La Sanne Saint-Romain 3 pts (- 1)

    The first one at the end will reach D2.

  2. Asa 10 years ago

    Thank you Vlad

  3. Author
    VLAD DENA 10 years ago

    ИТОГ 4-3 в пользу Румынии !!!

  4. Author
    VLAD DENA 10 years ago

    УДАЛЕНИЕ Румыния 76 мин !

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