Since November 2010, Roger Reijners coach of the Dutch women’s team. After a career as a professional footballer with, among other MVV and Fortuna Sittard Reijners he chose a career coach. Through the youth teams of MVV is the 47-year old coach finally ended up with the first team from Fortuna Sittard. If coach wants Reijners many goals and direct qualification for Euro 2013 is one of his first goals.

Reijners Roger looks back with pleasure on his first ten months as coach of the Dutch women’s team. “It’s very nice to work with the team and the league. I can very well find that there are the ambitions and would be happy with the team achieved, “said Reijners. The coach wants in the coming years specifically in the European top go. Qualification First, the Netherlands will have places for Euro 2013. England in qualifying will be one of the opponents. “We want to go for first place and the England team will also have to beat. I think we can beat England, “said the 47-year-old former professional footballer convincing. The other opponents in the group, Croatia, Slovenia and Serbia, according to Roger countries where the Dutch team normally has to win. “Although of course is the danger in it.” China In preparation for the qualifying play the Dutch selection and two exhibition games against China. In total, the Lionesses nine days stay in the Asian country. “China is now already in full preparation for qualification for the 2012 Olympics. Women are also being developed in this country and this makes China an ideal opponent for us, “explains Roger Reijners increasing. For the Netherlands this is the last opportunity to prepare for qualifying for the European Championship, which starts with a home match against Serbia on Sept. 21. World Cup in Germany last summer took the women’s World Cup place. For this tournament Netherlands could unfortunately not placed.Reijners has seen a lot of games. “What struck me was the enthusiasm of the fans, sponsors and players. This created a very nice atmosphere around the tournament. In terms of game I mainly enjoyed the eventual world champion France and Japan. They had a nice offensive game concept. “It was the coach, however, that most countries in the field of fitness have a lot further than the Netherlands. This is according to the coach that the players in the major countries have been able to focus entirely on football, without even having to point at a job or study. The hope is that the Premier League Women eventually will happen. Eredivisie Women More and more players leave the Eredivisie Women for a competition abroad. A development that coach Reijners not very pleased about. “I am pleased that the Women’s League would continue, but it would be good for developing the best players also be retained. This is necessary for the level to a higher level “, says the born to Roermond. That there are players who still like entering a foreign adventure to understand the coach of course. “Players sometimes look for a new challenge and environment to further develop. I will not interfere in this choice. “The changes taking place in the Eredivisie Women Reijners sees as very positive.”Changing the match day and the open market, players will surely start to contribute to a further positive development of women”, the coach off. 




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