EA Sports women's football player ratings

The difficulties for EA Sports to give accurate women’s football player ratings

Last week, EA Sports revealed their top 20 ratings of FIFA 16 for the women’s national teams. This is the first time that the popular game EA Sports FIFA has introduced a women’s football feature since FIFA Soccer games was first released in 1994.

There are many cons about EA decisions on those ratings. Oh okay, women’s football fans welcome to EA World. The biggest surprise on FIFA 16 ratings is when Abby Wambach got 90. In this case, Wambach is not 90 anymore, because she is slow and struggles to get her shots on frame. The question is also the same when you see that Brazilian midfielder, Rosana was rated 84 on the top 20 list and Christie Rampone who got overall 85.

The biggest question on FIFA 16 ratings is why they only revealed the top 20 and not about 50? Also, what the rating is for Erin McLeod, who was very decent with Canada during Women’s World Cup this summer, as well as Vero Boquete who led Spain to qualify for the Women’s World Cup for the first time and then there is Amandine Henry who won the Silver Ball award and top 3 UEFA Player of The Year after her great performance with France. Furthermore, not one English or Australian player seems to have made the top 20 ratings on FIFA 16.

FIFA 16 Player Ratings – Top 20 Women via EA Sports

1. Carli Lloyd (USA) – Rating: 91
2. Megan Rapinoe (USA) – Rating: 90
3. Abby Wambach (USA) – Rating: 90
4. Louisa Necib (France) – Rating: 90
5. Nadine Kessler (Germany) – Rating: 89
6. Christine Sinclair (Canada) – Rating: 88
7. Marta (Brazil) – Rating: 88
8. Hope Solo (USA) – Rating: 87
9. Lotta Schelin (Sweden) – Rating: 87
10. Becky Sauerbrunn (USA) – Rating: 86
11. Nadine Angerer (Germany) – Rating: 86
12. Dzsenifer Marozsan (Germany) – Rating: 86
13. Celia Sasic (Germany) – Rating: 85
14. Christie Rampone (USA) – Rating: 85
15. Tobin Heath (USA) – Rating: 85
16. Alex Morgan (USA) – Rating: 84
17. Anja Mittag (Germany) – Rating: 84
18. Rosana (Brazil) – Rating: 84
19. Nilla Fischer (Sweden) – Rating: 84
20. Caroline Seger (Sweden) – Rating: 84

“Based on international performances, these are the 20 highest rated women players in FIFA 16.” Said EA Sports FIFA. But, what about club level huh? Yeah, I think it make sense that EA Sports were not able to see this from club Level because not many women’s football matches were broadcast on the television. So, it is reasonable to say that EA Sports had trouble to give a rating to every player from 12 women’s nations.

So far, only NWSL who broadcast all the games live on their youtube channel (NWSLSoccer) and also the Frauen Bundesliga, even though you can only enjoy one game from 6 games every week on DFB TV or Eurosport Germany. Otherwise, you need to find out ilegal streaming to enjoy more women’s soccer games especially Women’s Champions League, Spanish Primera Femenina which broadcast live in beIN Sports Spain, FA WSL 1 on BT Sport, and French Division 1 on Eurosport France. For Swedish Damallsvenskan, TV4 Sport offers premium streaming to enjoy all the games of the Swedish Damallsvenskan.

Also, have fun trying to find out any club level statistics, most leagues hardly ever track assists. That’s why the players are rated only from International performance. People need to get this, especially if you are following women’s football.

Basically, EA’s ratings are a horror show every year, of course you know that if you have played FIFA games for a long time. Yes, EA saw the Women’s World Cup basic and decided the ratings by that only. It also seems to be about popularity contest for the top players and about marketing rules from EA and popularity of US Players lead to marketing.

So, despite complaints on the ratings, please enjoy the women’s football feature in FIFA 16 as the game will be released on 22 September for all consoles.

  1. Gina West 6 years ago

    I can see both sides here.
    It is such a big step for women’s football to feature in one of the biggest game franchises in the world and although it may feel like not enough effort was made to give more accurate rankings, I agree with @nick-aitken that EA Sports could ask for and take on board feedback which they could use to update player rankings accordingly.

  2. Nick Aitken 6 years ago

    Hey guys, I agree that EA Sports should have made the player ratings more representative of players’ current form/ability, but I still think it’s a really positive start that women’s teams are now included. Similarly to the Women’s World Cup Panini sticker album, but with a much wider reach, it should be a real breakthrough in making women’s players – and the women’s game – better known, across the world. Another good thing is that EA are constantly updating their player stats, so if enough feedback goes their way then hopefully they’ll begin updating the women’s players to make them more realistic, as well as adding new ones.

  3. Izzy 6 years ago

    I was very upset when I saw this ranking, because second EA Sports, they were very careful to represent the women’s game, the female body, characteristics, hair and etc…. but they almost ruined the game creating a ridiculous ranking…. anybody that is fan of women’s soccer is not satisfied with this and knows that is ridiculous…they could have asked some specialists to create this raking. I believe only american fans are satisfied with this (as this game was created to american consumers)… but it is so unfair and false.

  4. Danwen Huang 6 years ago

    They ought to hire the people behind this website for advice. 😛

    • WSU 6 years ago

      Haha, thanks 🙂
      We would love to be able to assist, and I know yourself and all the passionate, dedicated WSU members would also have more than enough knowledge to advise.

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