China PR, Chinese Taipei, Hong Kong and Australia will play each other to see who will go through as group winners into next year’s EAFF Women’s East Asian Cup 2013 to be held in the Korea Republic. 


Match Fixtures:

(All Matches played at Shenzhen Stadium, Match times Chinese local)


Australia 7 – 0 Chinese Taipei

Goals From:

Gill 5′ 90+3′ (Australia)

De Vanna 22′ 52′ (Australia)

Simon 45+1′ 83′ (Australia)

Uzunlar 78′ (Australia)


Two preliminaries of the East Asian Cup women’s football tournament in Shenzhen Stadium flames of war in the 20th, China Women’s first battle # 9 Australia, kicked the courage ball attack ambition, still cannot carry a balance opponent’s high-altitude bombing, 0 to 7 defeat. Under served will be 22 Thursday night against the host Chinese team.

Although the Chinese Taipei team defeat, they get the courage to change the the Australian coach Se Manni height certainly. Seman Ni from the 2007 Beijing Olympic Games qualifying so far, led by Australia, Taiwan 6 war victory , but he believes that the East Asian Cup he saw the Chinese team changed, he was impressed.

“Two years ago the Peace Cup tournament, the Chinese Taipei team crouched in the backcourt defense, is difficult to attack, last won only 1 0 As for the 2007 Olympic qualifying tournament, China while it was ” suicide “offside trap against us.” Se Manni said, this time he felt that the Chinese team’s style of play is very constructive, very positive, he felt, the Chinese Taipei team wants to attack football forward want to kick a good football. Perhaps played so ” open “to let go attack at this stage but is conducive to Australia to win, but in the long run, Se Manni think this is right.

Australia a start on pressing the Chinese Taipei team stormed. Kick-off for five minutes, right-wing Keer bottom hanging in, 181 cm tall Jill header nets top open the door of the Chinese Taipei team. 22 minutes, the Australia fast legs De Wana left even three people reached the restricted area reached the bottom left corner of the goal, leading for Australia to expand.


The majority of the first half of the Chinese team defensive, but not poor pass several waves of offensive, 10 minutes Lai Liqin right road high cross, striker Yu Xiujing his left foot from outside the area long shots, but just to play in the Australian goalkeeper Arnold arms. 42 minutes leftist Lin Kailing broke into the restricted area of back knock, Lin Yahan follow up the shot but was denied Arnold, the Chinese audience the best team opportunities to score.

Chinese team first half shots nothing Zougong to stoppage time Australian striker Simon nets, plus start only five minutes of the second half, letting De Wana additional ball, in the case of physical decline, with 7 goals more than defeat.

“Australia is really very tough, and we cannot be achieved air supremacy. Addition, the fast pace of their passing, and the passing of high quality, are beyond our expectations. ” Yan Shikai, head coach of the Chinese Taipei team, said: “Although losing, but I would also certainly held the ball the performance of our players, just attack the furnace is not enough, no goals, and also takes time. “





China PR 6 – 0 Hong Kong 




22nd November

Australia 4 – 0 Hong Kong

Goals From:

Tameka Butt 33′ (Australia)

Kyah Simon 64′ (Australia)

Kate Gill 80′ (Australia)

Stephanie Catley 90+2′ (Australia)


Chinese Taipei 0 – 2 China PR 



24th November

China PR 2 – 1 Australia

Goals From:

Wang Li Si 9′ (China PR)

Katie Gill 12′ (Australia)

Zhang Rui 51′ (China PR)


Chinese Taipei 2 – 1 Hong Kong 


Despite Kasai Hong Kong’s Chan Wing-sie scored a free kick into a bitter struggle, the Chinese Taipei team or show toughness in the 24th, three minutes against the striker the Laili Qin in the second half, “brace”, go to 2 1 gas, not only scored in The only victory of this year’s East Asian Cup 2 Heat continuation of international competitions in Hong Kong’s 11-game winning streak in the historical record.

As for the East Asian Cup finals next year only tickets landlord, you fall into the hands of the Chinese team. Chinese rival Australia, relying Yui’s winning goal in the second half, to 2 1 gas go 3 straight victories achieved the preliminaries champion finals, Australia 2 wins and 1 defeat to take 2, the Chinese Taipei team wins and 2 losses were 3 Hong Kong lost all the bottom.

Hong Kong the first two games of the retreat of the metal matrix serve China, Australia, the final battle was let go and sights and the Chinese team. Kasai three minutes left anterior field free ball, a wall of the Chinese Taipei team forging ahead, blocked shot angle, but was Chan Wing-sie kicked the ground shot into the goal lower right corners Chinese team behind 0 1.

China team the campaign sights, the veteran Xie Yiling onto the right side of midfield, but starting right guard Zhang Shujing poor performance midfielder the offensive also Hong Kong scraping not effective series. Chinese team head coach Yan Shikai first introduced in the 39th minute 17-year-old teenager Chen Yiping, the pressure on the right wing, the second half and put on veteran Wang Xianghui to control whistle rhythm, only to hold its ground.

63 minutes, from the middle, Chinese striker Yu Xiujing reached the restricted area, pull opponents began a left foot shot by Hong Kong goalkeeper Fang Jielun confiscated. But less than a minute later, and replaced with Yu Xiujing sent a beautiful Middle Road crosses the ball, Lai Liqin penetrate the restricted area on the right foot Tui nets, finally equalized for the Chinese Taipei team than the number.

The first 77 minutes, Chen Yiping hanging from the right-sided breakthrough Lai Liqin outflank far post header nets, won a hard reversal for the Chinese Taipei team wins.

“It was the wall should not jump, before the other shot affixed to the earth, I was also a wall which also have the responsibility.” Laili Qin said, could have been very easy, but the first half played too passive, “my heart I just want to score quickly, just teammates pass a penetration of the ball, the second ball is to want to fill the door, just top. ”

Yan Shikai said Lai Liqin is a veteran team, Although introverted and silent, but she does have the ability to score, the idea is also expressed in action, action description of all the good players. “Yan Shikai pointed out that Hong Kong obviously there are two sets of tactics, clinging to a set of strong teams without conceding a goal, set sights to Taiwan to adapt to the slow start of the Chinese Taipei team, but fortunately, Wang Xianghui play to play a good effect, teenager Chen Yiping winger penetration and assists, also contributed.




The Four teams to complete for the EAFF Women’s East Asian Cup 2013 are Korea Republic, Japan and North Korea, this will take place in July 2012



EAFF Women’s East Asian Cup 2013 Preliminary Competition Round 2

East Asian Football Federation

Organising Association:
Chinese Football Association

Dates and Venue of the Competitions:
20-24 November 2012 in Shenzhen, China PR

Shenzhen Stadium

Participating Teams:
China PR, Chinese Taipei, Hong Kong, Australia


Competition and rules for determining the outright Winner:
1. The system of play shall be the league system, each team playing one (1) match against each of other teams, with three (3) points for a win, one (1) point for a draw and none for a defeat.
2. The winner of the competition is qualified for the Final in 2013
3. The ranking of each team will be determined as follows:
  3-1. greatest number of points obtained in all group matches;
  3-2. goal difference in all the group matches;
  3-3. greatest number of goals scored in all the group matches;
4. If two or more teams are equal on the basis of the above criteria, their rankings shall be determined as follows:
  4-1. greater number of points obtained in the group matches between the teams concerned;
  4-2. goal difference resulting from the group matches between the teams concerned;
  4-3. greater number of goals scored in the group Matches between the teams concerned;
  4-4. drawing of lots by the EAFF Organising Committee.


Korea Republic, Japan and North Korea have already qualified to the final’s taking place in South Korea in July 2013


Source: EAFF

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