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UK Registered Charity Educating the Children announce Football Inspired Christmas Challenge.

ETC are empowering young women not only in East Africa, but across the whole Globe…

2020 hasn’t been the best of years for the world. Trying to spread some well needed Christmas spirit across the planet, Educating the Children (ETC) announce their Football inspired Christmas Challenge #5KicksforCoding.

ETC are a UK registered charity whose mission is to empower young women across East Africa by providing them with education and training. Leading to formal empowerment, ETC are known for bringing a safe environment to pupils and built the Sekenani Girls High School (SGHS) to serve as their first secondary school.

With the Coronavirus Pandemic changing life as we know it, ETC were forced to go 100% remote. With the students showcasing agility and grit, the charity began a recent programme ‘Code Queen’ to contribute to training unemployed women in Uganda in-demand job skills. Taking their organisation to the next level, and celebrating increased engagement and attendance for lessons, ETC begin the #5KicksforCoding challenge.

A challenge for women and girls to kick a ball, pair of socks (or whatever you can get hold of) in the air five times, donate £5 to ETC then share it to social media and tag 5 other amazing women to give it a go (fails are also valid! It’s all for fun!). This money will support an unemployed Ugandan woman to continue learning online and gain the skills she needs to secure employment.

The instructions for posting online are:

  • Film yourself doing the challenge (even if you fail! It’s just for fun!)
  • Donate £5 to
  • Copy this text and post with your challenge video on social media tagging 5 women to do the same


Who’s up for a Challenge then?


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