writes NFF in a statement today

Eli Landsem was hired as coach in the autumn of 2009, and the contract expires 31.12.2012.

– We have had a thorough evaluation process, and dialogue with the coach. In view of this, we agreed not to extend the agreement, says premier league manager Nils Johan Semb to fotball.no.

Landsem led Norway to the World Cup finals in Germany in 2011 and the European Championship finals in Sweden in 2013.

– As a coach, I am addicted to have broad support. It is disappointing that the evaluation process shows that I do not have the wide support, but I must take the consequences. I want my players for coming and good luck with the championship in Sweden, says Eli Landsem to fotball.no.

– After a slow start in the European Championship qualifiers last year, we are pleased that the women’s national team secured EM square. We are pleased that Eli has led Norway to two playoffs. When we are not able to go further, it is on the basis of the evaluation and a long term plan with the World Cup in Canada in 2015 and the Olympics in Brazil in 2016, said Semb.

The process of hiring a new coach will begin immediately, and will be led by top football manager Nils Johan Semb.

  1. gromit 9 years ago

    That’s why Mbabi chose to be German at 16 years old and not French. To score at the end… ;o))

  2. John Ternai 10 years ago

    Perhaps not optimal. Like Sweden, so you had to do something drastic for the Summer Championship in Sweden. Probably it was one to realize that Elin could not develop the Norwegian national team any more. But it should be remembered that the heavy pieces have ended in the national team and something new must be built. Norway has not gone so well for a number of years. But is it depending on the coach or is it depending on the players? Probably due to a combination. But Where are the times? yes,on long-term but short term is not the time Think that Norway has a tougher road to go than Sweden.

  3. Women's Soccer United 10 years ago

    I am not too surprised that there has been a change in this national team, Norway have not been performing to their potential for whatever reason, it will be interesting to see who takes over and they can start preparing for Euro 2013

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