It has been reported on the Eurosport UK website that the England women footballers face an uncertain future after reportedly refusing to sign new contracts.


17 of the leading English players (which include the vast majority of Team GB) are reportedly involved in the dispute following their expired contracts and negotiations hitting problems.


The players are reported to be earning £16,000 a year contracts and on the advice of the PFA (Professional Footballer’s Association), led by Gordon Taylor, the players have not accepted pay from The FA. Eurosport report that the players are paid on a month-to-month payment and they received no payment in December.


The players were offered a small pay rise to £18,000, which would be their first pay rise in three years, other issues include secondary emplacement for players and maternity packages.


I am sure we have discussed the issue of women’s player wages on Women’s Soccer United previously, but what are your views? It goes without saying, the huge difference of pay their male counterparts get and I understand that this is because of many factors but could they not invest a bit more in the women’s side?


Hopefully the players, PFA and The FA can sort out the dispute soon so the ladies can get back to playing the game they love and focus on the season ahead. 


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  1. Author
    Women's Soccer United 8 years ago

    18′ Great effort by Ellen White, her shot just a few inches wide!

  2. Richard Murray 9 years ago

    great article, shared on google+

  3. Sebastian Kanty 9 years ago

    £16.000 is about 168.181 swedish crowns. The swedish squad earned a measily 140 SEK/day (£13.3) when the 2011 WC were played, and say that the wc lasted a month, that makes for about 4200 SEK (~£400). Add one Algarve Cup, and 3 camps per year, lasting for about 7-10 days, and roughly 6 friendlies, which last about 4 days, since the swedish squad plays mostly abroad and you get additional 9520 SEK (~£906). All in all, the swedish national squad members earns about 13.720 SEK* in a year (~£1305).

    Bear in mind that those figure are from 2011, and IF the swedish team plays a WC or a Olympics tournament. The figures are a rough estimate of course, got the 140 SEK a day from a swedish journalist that posted the figures on his blogg about the 2011 WC. Don’t know if sweden pays out bonuses, (if they reach top 3 or so) but I don’t think they do. Mainly they earn their money from the teams they play for, or from secondary income besides football. They aren’t contracted by the Swedish FA as, britts, canadian and american players are. That’s why some of the americans didn’t bother too play any football besides being part of the national team.

    So to surmise the whole thing, I think they are getting paid pretty well for being female soccer players, since they also get paid from their regular teams/clubs, other than that I can’t say about if it’s fair..since I don’t know how much the english gents are getting paid from the English FA.

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