Name: Ephy Amondi Obuong

D.O.B: 23/Nov/1993

Position: Defender.

Preferred foot: Right

Height: 1.62M

Weight: 62 Kg

Team/Club: Mkuru Sport Association (MUSA)

Best Meal:  Pilau.

How long have you been playing football?

For 10 years

What position did you first play and what position do you play now?

I first played as striker in position 9 for 4 years, later i dropped to attacking midfielder position 8. However, I was always good at defending and my coach; Benta Hadar, told me that she wants me to be a defender. So now I defend at position 4.

What clubs have you played for, from when you first played to now?

 I have played for more than 5 clubs in my career. The main ones I can highlight are; Dagoretti United, Mbotela Kamaliza and now Mukuru Sports Association (MUSA).

How did you land in the club you are in right now?

As a young girl I used to make soccer balls out of papers and play with my friends. One day I was participating in high school games for my school and i was chosen among the best players. I met Benta Hadar, my present coach; who introduced me to her team and she has trained me and helped me become who i am right now.

What are your thoughts and feelings of the club you are in right now?

I pray that one day God will make it easier for my club to have sponsors who will give us the opportunity to showcase our talent and help us grow.

What is your favourite Jersey number?

Jersey no.7

 Who is your favourite female player in the world? (Why?)

Cristiane from Brazil, she plays with so much passion and I admire how she is the first London 2012 Olympics record-breaker.

Where do you train from when you are not training with the team?

I normally train at St. Paul’s with other footballers when I am not with the team. But I mostly train with my team at Police Band in south”B”, Nairobi.

How many times do you train in a week?

I train two times a week alone and three times a week with my team mates.

What has been your worst moment?

I can’t remember a specific time, but I generally dislike when we go prepare for amatch and our opponents don’t show up, giving us a walk over. It is an easy win and that does not seat well with me because I am a serious competitor.

What challenges are you facing as a club at the moment?

As a club our biggest challenge is making it to team practice because not all players live near our training ground and some do not have the finance to make it.

Is your team in the league? No, we are in division1.

What is your goal as a club in division 1 and as an individual?

Our goal as a team is to make it into the Premier league next season and we are working towards it. As an individual, I would love to play in the premier league.

How can you compare Kenya’s talent to the other African countries?

We have good players and I believe if we are presented with the opportunity and support we can shock Africa and make Kenya proud. Last time we missed by a whisker to qualify for the world cup. We were so close but it wasn’t close enough. We managed this without proper support, so you can imagine how we can perform with good support.

What club would you like to play for in the future?

I would like to play for MOYAS, it is in the premier league and they play good football and has experienced players.

What do you think about women football in Kenya?

I think the quality of women football in Kenya is really good. The problem is that our government only identifies the men as capable athletes; I would like to say that even females have our rights and we can prove to them that we can be part of building our country and make them proud as the athletes and men footballers do. We have talent to show, if only they give us a chance.

Women football is getting recognized in the world, what can FKF (Football Kenya Federation) do to ensure we are not left behind?

FKF should realize that Kenya is part of the world and women football should be supported.

For women since football is not a pro sport, most players depend on a second career for livelihood. What is your other career? How does this affect your training regime?

I am studying Bachelor of business Administration (Sales and business marketing). This affects my training since I don’t get the time to train when I have classes.

There are a lot of upcoming female footballers who are looking up to the existing players for inspiration. What do you do to ensure you have the motivation and inspiration to pass down to them?

I always put God first because he is the provider and sustainer and I never let anyone discourage me.

Who would you like to appreciate that has inspired your football career?

  1. I would like to thank my brother; Jacton Oduor Obuon, for inspiring me.
  2. My step mother Doreen Awino for her un-ending support.
  3. My high school principal, Mr. Labam Agisa of Jogoo Road High school; he always encouraged me to keep on playing.
  4. My high school coaches, Juonor and Jaredo for what they taught me.
  5. Lastly, my coach, Benta Hadar who is helping me to become a great player.

What is your parting shot to the upcoming younger players?

Football is the most enjoyed game in the world, play it with passion.


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    Goal for PSG (Sarr) 5-0.

  2. Asa 9 years ago

    @Ellen great information thank you

  3. gromit 9 years ago

    Another young, interesting and apparently mature Kenyan girl playing football we are learning to know thanks to you, Ellen :o) Great and many thanks !

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