Estonia women’s national team beat Latvia yesterday in Riga, the country challenge match was held in the hall of the Olympic Centre the final score was Estonia 5 – 3 Latvia. Latvia took sixth minutes into the lead, taking advantage of Hanna Liis Jaadla mistake. 29th Failed Inna minute Zlidnis and Latvia increased its lead at kaheväravaliseks. 33rd created by Miina one minute Shore hit back. beginning of the second half, 48 Latvia increased its lead at the minute again, but Katrin Create 55th, Signy Aarna 60th, 65th Merily Toom Vilipuu 90th and Anett minutes.


Keith Boanas said:

“We had 32 shots on goal, 21 were on target  and 11 off target. We need to be able to make better use of our opportunities,” said the women’s team coach Keith Boanas. Anett Vilipuu made ​​a successful debut in the national team she was involved in two goals and scored one. Several other young people like Merily Toom, Saron Läänmäe and Gretel-LILIJA Küppas had a good game.

Latvia 3 – 5 Estonia

Goals From:

6′ (Latvia)

29′ (Latvia)

Miina Kallas 33′ (Estonia)

48′ (Latvia)

Katrin Loo  55′ (Estonia)

Signy Aarna 60′ (Estonia)

Merily Toomi  65′ (Estonia)

Anett Vilipuu 90′ (Estonia)


  1. gromit 9 years ago

    I really dont’t know, Gina… Maybe… I still think that Nécib (with her talent) and  Boulleau (explosivity and fighting-spirit) were great miss for the team. With Henry in addition and maybe Bussaglia as a starter it could change a lot. But I’m very annoyed with Thomis (her finish, again), ELS (she never really can do with the NT what she does with Lyon), and Abily who had a fantastic first part of the season but a poor ending. She obviously seems exhausted.

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