UEFA Women’s EURO 2017 play-off matches

The first of the two Women’s EURO 2017 play-off matches between Portugal and Romania will take place tonight (Friday 21 October) as they begin their battle for the last spot at next summer’s UEFA Women’s EURO 2017 tournament in the Netherlands.

Portugal play hosts for the first leg of the Women’s EURO 2017 play-off match against Romania at Estádio do Restelo tonight, the return leg will take place in Romania on Tuesday 25 October 2016.

Portugal qualified for the play-off match having finished as Group 2 runners-up, behind Spain. Romania earned a second place finish in Group 3, sitting behind France. Here is a reminder of all the results from the UEFA Women’s EURO 2017 qualifying group stage.

Both Portugal and Romania are fighting to make history and earn a place at their first ever UEFA Women’s EURO final tournament.

On the previous occasions that these two sides have met (in 2010 and 2011), they have played to a draw.

The winner of the UEFA Women’s EURO 2017 play-off matches over the two legs will join the already qualified teams Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, England, France, Iceland, Italy, Norway, Russia, Scotland, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland

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  1. Author
    WSU 5 years ago

    Full-time (aet): Romania 1-1 Portugal (Agg: 1-1) Andreia Norton 105′, Rus 111′

    Congrats to Portugal who qualify for EURO 2017 on away goals

  2. Author
    WSU 5 years ago

    111′ GOAL! Romania 1-1 Portugal (Agg: 1-1) Rus scores!

  3. Author
    WSU 5 years ago

    105′ GOAL! Romania 0-1 Portugal (Agg: 0-1) Andreia Norton scores!

  4. Author
    WSU 5 years ago

    First period of extra-time is underway: Romania 0-0 Portugal (Agg: 0-0)

  5. Author
    WSU 5 years ago

    Full-time: Romania 0-0 Portugal (Agg: 0-0)

    Extra time to follow…

  6. Author
    WSU 5 years ago

    Half-time: Romania 0-0 Portugal (Agg: 0-0)

  7. Author
    WSU 5 years ago

    Play-off (2nd leg) match underway: Romania 0-0 Portugal

  8. Author
    WSU 5 years ago

    Romania line-up: Părăluţă, Havristiuc, Bortan, Giurgiu, Ficzay, Vătafu, Voicu, Olar(C), Lunca, O. Oprea, Ciolacu

    Portugal line-up: Patricia Morais, Sílvia Rebelo, Matilde Fidalgo, Cláudia Neto(C), Ana Borges, Ana Leite, Dolores Silva, Carole Costa, Carolina Mendes, Amanda Da Costa, Suzane Pires

  9. Harry 5 years ago

    A massive game today in Cluj and UEFA has made the final designation of the qualification cycle. As expected, the referee of the last World Cup Final, Ms Monzul from Ukraine gets the call.
    She’s joined by her usual Ukrainian assistant referees, but also by the Elite Category French Ms Frappart, showing I think UEFA knows the tension possible in this match. Since Romania had good chances to qualify, UEFA have always sent the top referees to Cluj (Steinhaus, Staubli, Monzul). With a full crowd it could actually become one of most heated women’s qualifiers ever; totally correct to send in the best referees.
    Full designation:

    REF: Kateryna MONZUL (UKR)
    AR1: Natalia Rachynska (UKR)
    AR2: Maryna Striletska (UKR)
    4th: Stéphanie Frappart (FRA)

    • Author
      WSU 5 years ago

      Thank you Harry.
      It is such an important fixture, I agree with you that they have made the correct decision in regards to the officials.

      Do you know if there is an online stream for this game?

  10. Author
    WSU 5 years ago

    Full-time in the play-off (1st leg): Portugal 0-0 Romania

    Second leg will take place on 25 Oct

  11. Author
    WSU 5 years ago

    Half-time: Portugal 0-0 Romania

  12. Author
    WSU 5 years ago

    Play-off match (1st leg) underway: Portugal 0-0 Romania

  13. Author
    WSU 5 years ago

    LIVE STREAM: Watch Portugal and Romania contest the first leg of their EURO 2017 play-off match live here! –

  14. Author
    WSU 5 years ago

    Portugal line-up: Morais, Rebelo, Fidalgo, Neto (c), Borges, Leite, Silva, Costa, Mendes, Da Costa, Pires

    Romania line-up: Părăluţă, Corduneanu, Havristiuc, Bortan, Ficzay, Sârghe, Vătafu, Voicu, Olar(C), Lunca, Oprea

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