At some point we face FEAR in our lives. The most common fear I see in me and those around me, is the fear of not knowing what the future has to offer. It can be difficult living life knowing everything has a plan.

We all have an idea that we know what’s best for us and life should happen accordingly. When things fall through we are disappointed. We must remember there is an upside to every downfall. No matter the timing of it, things always work out for the best.

Sometimes the best is not necessarily what you had in mind, but is what’s best for you!

I found myself stressing as a young student at Miami about the idea of playing professional soccer after graduating. At the time there was no league in the US. While enjoying life as a student, thoughts of pursuing this dream ran through my head over and over, continually causing me to fear about the next step in life.

Then it happened, a year before I graduated college. The new league’s first season, my hope of continuing to chase a dream, the WPS. That fear disintegrated and the impossible became real. Feeling a quick sense of relief, I immediately moved on to my next fear. How could I possibly get into the new league, what would I have to do?

I was drafted to the Washington Freedom DC my first season. I was told there would be limited contracted spots available but I was to come in and do my best. The next fear settled in. What if I didn’t get contracted?

I was contracted and thoroughly enjoyed my first season in the league. Things quickly ended after what felt like 6 short months. And of course time for a new fear. Where would I go and what could I do during the off season?

I picked up some coaching and worked hard to prepare for the following season. Then I got the news the DC team was moved to southern Florida and would be known as MagicJack. With all the changes I feared what my position on the team would be.

Shortly thereafter I received a call from WNY Flash. The phone call was a promise to build a great team and if I felt comfortable in joining I would be welcomed. How quickly my fears were being solved. But it felt as they were being solved a new one found itself a spot.

What would life be like in Buffalo? Who will my teammates be? What would be my role on the team?

I had an amazing time and won a WPS championship with an amazing group of girls. I then found myself in Finland for 7 weeks with the opportunity to participate in UEFA Women’s Champions League. To then playing two seasons in the Nadeshiko League with extremely talented players on a national scale.

Point being everything worked out just fine and all the fear and stress was for no reason. Each change in my life led to a new opportunity. One that led me to where I am now playing in Japan, and will lead me to Seattle for the 2014 season!

As Mark Matteson puts it, “F.E.A.R is False Evidence Appearing Real.”
We are so anxious to make the right moves that we force our lives in a direction we feel it should go in. We in turn overwork our brains into stressing about the future, rather than living in the moment.

Things always work out and what is meant to be will be. Sit back and enjoy the ride of life like a roller coaster. Don’t worry about where the rise and fall of the big drop is, or when the turns will whip your seat blindly around a corner with vicious momentum, or when the small stomach stirring drops will occur.

Know that it’s all a part of the ride. Instead of trying to figure it out and worry about what, when and where these things will occur. Just enjoy it! Know that your ride is unique and do your best to avoid fear of what the future holds. Have confidence in your life’s plan.

  1. John Riley 8 years ago

    Well written Bev. Looking forward to watching you play.

  2. Ken Suzuki 8 years ago

    As I mentioned here at WSU and there at Pitchside Report, the INAC coach Ishihara said you are the most positive soul he ever met. Uncertain future (therefore fear) is what everyone faces in life. Some people find it too much to bear and give up. Others know it’s part of ups and downs in a roller coaster riding. It is always the latter who opens a new horizon.

    I have no doubt you will impress your new teammates at the Reigns, first by your skill, then, to a greater extent, by your very personality. You will make new friends there. I also hope you will stay in touch with the players of Kobe. These days you have facebook, twitter and, above all, Skype!

    And I hope the NWSL will broadcast great number of matches online so that I can follow your play. A great leap of network technology teaches us Disney was right—it’s a small world after all !!

  3. gromit 8 years ago

    Can’t say other things than Gina, Asa and Terry… A great pleasure to read you, Bev. High quality writing, in content and form… Many good luck for next season !

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