FA Approves a One-Tier Women’s Super League

The English Football Association has decided to introduce their dream Women’s League from 2018/19 season, gone has the good old days of what the team does on the pitch count to going up or being relegated, the FA will now decide which team can or cannot play in the new look league, gone has the day if you finished first or second you would be entitled to move up to the Top Tier, because you might finish 1st or 2nd on the pitch but if your Team cannot meet the FA’s criteria you are not going into their dream league.

So the Top Women’s League in England will be Only for Full Time Clubs, all clubs will be required to run an academy. Clubs must re-apply for their place within the new league which might have between 8 and 14 teams, teams in the FAWSL 1 have until Friday 10th November 2017 to submit their applications and the FA Women’s Board will in December 2017 review those Club applications. For the Clubs not in WSL 1 they are invited to Apply for a place in March 2018.

In their statement the FA said the restructure was aimed at creating a “stronger commercial model” and to “improve the performance of the women’s game on and off the pitch”.

New licence criteria:

There will be between 8 and 14 teams all having full-time professional players in the new look league.

A minimum of 16 contact hours per week for players, rising to 20 hours per week by 2020-21

A minimum level of financial investment required by each club

Financial Fair Play regulations and a squad cap

An academy at each club, compulsory as part of the licence

Rules restricting the number of non-English qualified players in match day squads will also be continued as the FA bids to enhance opportunities for home grown players.


The new second tier league which will be separate from the Top league, would include between Ten and Twelve teams, consisting of part-time players.

Contact time for players of eight hours per week plus matches

A reserve team operated by each club, but no strict requirement to run an academy

The regional divisions of the Women’s Premier League will remain as the 3rd and 4th tier within the English women’s football pyramid.


How Wonderful we now have the FA deciding which clubs will form the new league. Please FA why not use some of the Millions of Tax Payers money you receive from us all to help the Clubs meet your criteria.



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