FA Women's Super League 1

FAWSL 1 Teams:

Birmingham City
Bristol Academy
Notts County (formerly Lincoln Ladies)
Manchester City

FA Women’s Super League 1 Match Fixtures for the 2014 Season


Wednesday 16th April

Birmingham City 0-0 Everton
Notts County 1-1 Arsenal


Thursday 17th April

Bristol Academy 0-2 Chelsea
Liverpool 1-0 Manchester City


Sunday 20th April

Chelsea 0-0 Liverpool
Everton 0-2 Notts County
Manchester City 0-2 Bristol Academy


Sunday 18th May

Arsenal v Manchester City
Birmingham City v Chelsea
Everton v Bristol Academy
Notts County v Liverpool


Wednesday 21st May

Arsenal v Birmingham City
Manchester City v Everton


Saturday 24th May

Liverpool v Birmingham City


Sunday 25th May

Arsenal v Bristol Academy
Chelsea v Notts County


Saturday 28th June

Liverpool v Arsenal


Sunday 29th June

Birmingham City v Manchester City
Everton v Chelsea
Notts County v Bristol Academy (TBC)


Wednesday 16th July

Birmingham City v Bristol Academy
Chelsea v Arsenal
Liverpool v Everton


Thursday 17th July

Manchester City v Notts County


Saturday 19th July

Bristol Academy v Liverpool


Sunday 20th July

Chelsea v Manchester City
Everton v Arsenal
Notts County v Birmingham City


Sunday 27th July

Arsenal v Notts County
Chelsea v Bristol Academy
Everton v Birmingham City
Manchester City v Liverpool


Saturday 9th August

Bristol Academy v Manchester City
Liverpool v Chelsea


Sunday 10th August

Birmingham City v Arsenal
Notts County v Everton


Saturday 23rd August

Bristol Academy v Everton
Liverpool v Notts County


Sunday 24th August

Chelsea v Birmingham City
Manchester City v Arsenal


Wednesday 3rd September

Notts County v Manchester City


Thursday 4th September

Arsenal v Chelsea
Bristol Academy v Birmingham City
Everton v Liverpool


Saturday 20th September

Bristol Academy v Arsenal


Sunday 21st September

Birmingham City v Liverpool
Everton v Manchester City
Notts County v Chelsea


Saturday 4th October

Bristol Academy v Notts County


Sunday 5th October

Arsenal v Liverpool
Chelsea v Everton
Manchester City v Birmingham City


Sunday 12th October

Arsenal v Everton
Birmingham City v Notts County
Liverpool v Bristol Academy
Manchester City v Chelsea




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