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FA Women’s Super League game Implicated in possible Match Fixing

More match-fixing took place in England than anywhere else this season, according to a damning report presented at the European Parliament on Tuesday.

Eleven English games were found to have fallen victim to betting fraud by Federbet, an organisation of top European casino owners and bookmakers which monitors suspicious gambling patterns. That was more than was identified in any other country, providing a devastating blow to English football’s reputation for integrity.

Ten of the fixtures named by Brussels based Federbet took place in the English Conference North and South, the level of the game at which an investigation by the Telegraph last year sparked an ongoing trial in which several players are accused of corruption.

The other was a Women’s Super League game, Notts County V Everton Ladies on April 20th, the first time women’s football has been publicly implicated in match-fixing.

Source: www.telegraph.co.uk

Story: Ben Rumsby

  1. WSU 9 years ago

    This must be the fixture in question. Everton 0-2 Notts County – http://www.womenssoccerunited.com/fawsl-week-2-review-manchester-city-beaten-bristol-chelseas-ji-yun-sees-red/

    The win put Notts County at the top of the table but it was only the second game of the season. http://www.womenssoccerunited.com/notts-county-top-fa-womens-super-league-1/

  2. Gina West 9 years ago

    Not good news in general and more worrying that it implicates a fixture in the English Women’s Super League, extremely disappointing if true!

    • Author
      Asa 9 years ago

      We need to see what part of the game was fixed if any was and how much was placed on the possible incident, evidence first ?

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