Some dates are subject to change,and the FAWSL hopes to have them confirmed as soon as possible.


Clubs also have the opportunity to make two changes to their registered squad before July 21st when the transfer window closes.

The FA and ESPN have already confirmed that Bristol Academy’s game against Birmingham at the Stoke Gifford Stadium on July 27 will be live on ESPN, with another three televised games expected before the end of the season, rumoured to include Birmingham vs Arsenal, and Lincoln vs Liverpool.


22/07/2011 7:15PM Bristol Academy Ladies vs Lincoln Ladies
23/07/2011 3:00PM Birmingham City vs Doncaster Rovers Belles
24/07/2011 2:00PM Arsenal vs Liverpool
24/07/2011 2:00PM Everton vs Chelsea Ladies

27/07/2011 7:15PM Bristol Academy Ladies vs Birmingham City [Live on ESPN]
27/07/2011 7:45PM Everton vs Liverpool
28/07/2011 7:45PM Arsenal vs Chelsea Ladies

31/07/2011 2:00PM Chelsea Ladies vs Doncaster Rovers Belles
31/07/2011 2:00PM Everton vs Arsenal
31/07/2011 2:00PM Lincoln Ladies vs Birmingham City
31/07/2011 2:00PM Liverpool vs Bristol Academy Ladies

03/08/2011 7:45PM Birmingham City vs Everton
03/08/2011 7:45PM Liverpool vs Doncaster Rovers Belles
04/08/2011 7:45PM Arsenal vs Lincoln Ladies
04/08/2011 7:45PM Chelsea Ladies vs Bristol Academy Ladies

07/08/2011 2:00PM Birmingham City vs Arsenal
07/08/2011 2:00PM Chelsea Ladies vs Liverpool
07/08/2011 2:00PM Doncaster Rovers Belles vs Bristol Academy Ladies
07/08/2011 2:00PM Everton vs Lincoln Ladies

13/08/2011 6:30PM Bristol Academy Ladies vs Everton
14/08/2011 2:00PM Arsenal vs Doncaster Rovers Belles
14/08/2011 2:00PM Birmingham City vs Chelsea Ladies
14/08/2011 2:00PM Lincoln Ladies vs Liverpool

18/08/2011 7:45PM Arsenal vs Everton
18/08/2011 7:45PM Doncaster Rovers Belles vs Lincoln Ladies

28/08/2011 2:00PM Chelsea Ladies vs Everton
28/08/2011 2:00PM Doncaster Rovers Belles vs Birmingham City
28/08/2011 2:00PM Lincoln Ladies vs Bristol Academy Ladies
28/08/2011 2:00PM Liverpool vs Arsenal

  1. gromit 9 years ago

    Thanks a lot and great photos.
    Some remarks and questions :

    – the article said that the tournament is held every 4 years. But the former editions were 2005, 2008, 2010. And now 2013… ??

    – Are Japan and, Korea Republic the two (only) teams to already qualified, one as the holder, the other as host country ?

    (sorry if the answers are maybe obvious, I caught cold and I am feverish today, so my brain is pretty low :o(

    – Homare Sawa won the last two Best Player awards and Chinese GK Zhang was also the best one in her category ath the last two editions.

  2. Author

    I know of four clubs expecting changes to their squad in the next month. Of course, Lincoln and Doncaster have already made signings since the league got under way.

  3. sylvain 10 years ago

    I expect 1 change in the Arsenal squad as well

  4. Women's Soccer United 10 years ago

    Thanks Sylvain, it will be interesting to see how much goes on during the transfer window, I know Gareth was saying that Doncaster are looking for a striker.

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