During yesterday’s match at Tyresö FF’s training camp in Turkey against FC Energiya Voronezh, the Russian team’s coach Ivan Saenko took his players off the pitch after just 33 minutes.

Vlad Dena reported previously that Ivan Saenko was not happy with the opponent’s ‘roughness’ and decided not to risk his players an injury.

At the moment there is no official match report from this game by Tyresö FF or FC Energiya Voronezh as to the cause of the game to be abandoned.

Tyresö FF players Caroline Seger, Carola Söberg and Vero Boquete (former FC Energiya Voronez player) used Twitter to speak about the game. 

Carola Söberg

“Sjukaste matchen på länge. Det ryska laget gick av planen och åkte hem efter 33 minuters spel, beordrad av deras otroligt knäppa coach”

“Sick Most game in a long time. The Russian team went to the plan and went home after 33 minutes of play, commanded by their incredibly weird coach”


“Ja, han var inne på planen och härjade flera gånger och var nästintill hotfull mot oss. Helt galen. Sen drog dom… :P”

“He was on the pitch and ravaged several times and was almost intimidating to us. Completely crazy. Then drew them. “


“Coachen blev arg när deras spelare fick ont i närkamper, klampade in på planen och skrek och var på väg mot oss! Sen försökte alla få av honom, varpå han beordrade spelarna att lämna planen. Ingen spelade fult, men han verkar bestämma allt. Vi blev rätt förvånade!”

“The coach was angry when their players got hurt in close combat, stormed onto the field and screamed and was heading towards us! Then tried to get all of him, whereupon he ordered the players to leave the field. No one truly ugly, but he seems to decide everything. We got pretty surprised! “


Caroline Seger

“Played against a Russian team today, my first and probably my last. The coach threw a tantrum and decided to take his team and leave??”

Vero Boquete

“Voy a aclarar el tema porque veo q hay bastantes rumores..Partido normal al principio,un par de faltas y el el mister ruso entra al campo Recriminando y encarandose con alguna jugadora!!Árbitros,conocidos y yo misma intentamos calmar los ánimos pero el decide q no juegan mas!”


“I will clarify the issue because I see there are many rumors .. game normal to the first part, a couple of outages and the coach enters the field Russian taunting and facing a player! Referees, acquaintances and myself tried to calm things down but the coach decides not play more!”


Thanks to Vlad Dena and Kjellåke Glimberg for bringing this information to our attention.


UPDATE (19th March 2012): Tyreso FF official report from the game.


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  1. Author
    Women's Soccer United 8 years ago

    Hi Beverley, I really enjoyed reading your blog. I remember the days of every child running after the ball at that age group, but what a talent your daughter and Dylan McGowan had even at that early age to stand out from the crowd.

    It is a shame she had to stop playing in the boys team at 12, if I remember correctly that was the same age in England that you were ‘not allowed’ to do that anymore, (although I think this has since increased since I was playing). I think it’s because they don’t want the girls’ quality to be better than the boys! But on a more serious note, it is a shame that they suggested this as it can damage a girls’ development if she is unable to compete with others who are at the same level as her. It sounds as though this did not effect your daughter’s progress though which I am pleased to hear.

    I am looking forward to your next blog to find out more, thank you for sharing your story with WSU.

  2. Sebastian Kanty 9 years ago

    i know…sometimes you can’t make heads or tails of the translation…you’ll end up more confused then when you began… well that’s swedish grammar and syntax for you, after google has been at it…

    my point was, that both teams had their own version of the events that led to the game being aborted..the swedes say that the russian team couldn’t keep up, and started to foul the swedish team. when the swedes started to play more physical, like the russians, it ended that the russians were the ones lying on the pitch after the duels. the russians however, say only that the swedes played harshly, and that they controled the pace of the game. the russians said that they have played swedish teams before, and without incident. the continue saying that the physical swedish play, resulted that 2 other players of other teams at the camp, had to have their players visit the hospital. the swedes however says that the russian coach is notorious for such posturing, and that this is the third time in recent years here in turkey, that he himself has managed to force “officials” to end the game before time. he supposedly entered the pitch 3 times to complain and threaten the swedish players, that the officials saw no other way then to cancel the game after his fourth appearance.

    this is what i could make out of the russian and swedish version of events.

  3. Asa 9 years ago

    Sebastian when I saw the google translation it had some of the text with some not so nice words

  4. Sebastian Kanty 9 years ago

    of course, google translate can play some tricks…apperantly “rysskorna” which means russians is translated as russian cows… the term comes from ryssKORNA, korna=cows…

    if you mean to mention men, then it is ryssarna, but to be definitive, and mean women, then it is rysskorna…

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