FFC Turbine Potsdam invited ŽFK Spartak’s (Serbian champion) players Nevena Damjanović and Dorine Nina Chuigoue to participate in the training process of German champion next week and try to justify the best way confidence of FFC Turbine Potsdam. ŽFK Spartak proudly points out that this is the beginning of the good sport cooperation between two champions (Serbian and German). We believe that the future of sports  cooperation with FFC Turbine Potsdam will be  strengthened at all levels for both sides.


Bojan Arsić, ŽFK Spartak sport director, said: “We are honored that we have started cooperation with German champions, FFC Turbine Potsdam, a team which belongs to the strongest teams of the world. Their experience will help us greatly in the further development of our club that has ambitions to become more competitive on the European stage in the future.

Departure of Nevena Damjanovic and Dorine Nine FFC Turbine Potsdam is the beginning of the future cooperation between our two clubs. We believe and hope that this cooperation will be based increasingly stronger in the future, especially in a part of  players exchange.

ZFK once again shows the level of professionalism, seriousness and desire to bring the European principles of football in Serbia.


On the photo: Nevena Damjanović (right) and Dorine Nina Chuigoue (left)


Source: zfk-spartak.rs and zfk-spartak.rs/saradnja

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    Korea Republic, Japan and North Korea have already qualified to the final’s taking place in South Korea in July 2013

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