The FIFA Women’s World Cup Canada 2015 will be the first female final tournament with 24 teams participating.

Due to the addition of eight additional teams for the final competition, the qualification criteria has been revised and the FIFA Executive Committee has decided on the new slot allocation for the six confederations.

These following slots have been confirmed:

AFC: 5 slots

CAF: 3 slots

CONCACAF: 3.5 slots

CONMEBOL: 2.5 Slots

OFC: 1 Slot

UEFA: 8 Slots

HOST 1 Slot (Canada)

  1. gromit 8 years ago

    Big week-end with great matches like Urawa-Inac in Japan, Montpellier-Juvisy in France, Potsdam-Wolfsburg in Germany or Göteborg-Tyresö in Sweden !

  2. William 8 years ago

    Because they are in the OFC they have a great chance to be in the World Cup 2015. Australia used to be in the OFC but switched because they wanted greater competition. I am not sure whether it was a request from the men’s or women’s but given the fact that the men’s faction carries greater weight ( at least that is my guess).

  3. Kat Neyer 8 years ago

    My bad. SHOULD have kept the thought to myself after all, lol. We don’t get much soccer coverage here in the US so I’m not as up on the info as I should be.

  4. William 8 years ago

    The kiwis are in the OFC which they always win given the competition they face.

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