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FIFA Releasing Tatjana Haenni As Director Of Women’s Football

Please FIFA what is going on ? My personal view is Tatjana was and has been one of only a few at FIFA.com who knew what she was doing and has greatly helped push Women’s Football to the worldwide community, she has 18 years of vast experience in Women’s Football, everyone involved in the Women’s Game respected her and always listens to what she had to say.

After 18 years, the Director of Women’s Football and President of FC Zürich dismissed women from FIFA and released them at the same time. FIFA’s position is somewhat too succinct.

Tatjana Haenni is not only known for women’s football in Switzerland. The founding member of the FFC Zürich Seebach is not only president of the successor club FC Zürich Women, and has thus played a major role in the professionalization of sport in the last decade in Switzerland; it was also the face of women’s football worldwide. She was responsible for women’s football tournaments, where she was responsible for the international development of women’s football around the world. The former national player was able to make her passion for the profession and reach a lot at FIFA for the acceptance of the sport.

The department is restructured

When another woman was nominated at the executive level of FIFA with Sarai Baremann, the hope was that this duo would give another boost to women’s football. It was Tatjana Haenni, however, who lost the job. At least, according to FIFA’s opinion, “In November last year, Sarai Bareman was appointed Chief Football Officer. She heads the newly created Women’s Football Division and reports directly to FIFA Deputy Secretary-General Zvonimir Boban and to FIFA management. The new department is currently being restructured and organized (also personnel). This is directly linked to the overall strategy for the development of women’s football. “A poor statement, which has not been further commentated and does not honor the undisputed achievements of the Swiss.

The “System Infantino”

Rather, this fits into the picture that FIFA has given since the takeover of the presidency by Gianni Infantino. “The swinging door of FIFA is crowded with employees who do not know whether they are going in or out,” Paul Nicholson said in his much-respected article at insideworldfootball.com in January. It is noteworthy that the speed at which Infantino replaces a large number of top management members with its own people, the FIFA specialist continues. This development has now also reached women’s football, making it one of the most well-known contributors, both nationally and internationally. The job security and the energy to move something in the world football had given way to a great fear, Nicholson stated. The list of people being replaced or released is long. For Haenni, however, this is a weak consolation: “At the end of January, FIFA dismissed me, ended the employment contract and released me as soon as possible. I look back on 18 interesting, motivating, fascinating years in international women’s football. I have done my work and my activities with full commitment, conviction for the cause and with a lot of passion. “Her commitment gave her great respect and a great influence, which she did not use for her own advantage but for the benefit of women’s football. The sport loses a big support. This is also true of their wishes for women’s football, both at club level and at club level: “For the future, I would like all sports organizations to make efforts to promote women’s sports and the representation of women in the decision-making committees and to make available adequate resources “Said Haenni against the women’s football magazine.

It is not only the eyes of men’s football that are aimed at the further events in the largest sporting club in the world. Even those who have only been interested in women’s football will in future be looking more closely at what is going on at the zoo in Zurich, because the “System Infantino” drifts even more strongly in exactly the same direction as football concluded after the Blatter era To have had hoped.

Source courtesy of: Chris Blatmann C/O


FIFA stellt Tatjana Haenni frei



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