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FIFA Women’s Football Development Workshop completed in FAI HQ

The development of women’s football in Ireland was a hot topic in FAI Headquarters over the weekend as FIFA hosted a two-day workshop.

The Football Association of Ireland has made the development of women’s football one of its top priorities with the support of the Women’s Strategic Plan and including it as one of the nine pillars in the FAI Strategic Plan 2016-2020.

FAI Vice President Donal Conway joined Sue Ronan, Head of Women’s Football, Ruud Dokter, High Performance Director, Niamh O’Donoghue, Women’s Football Committee Chairperson, and members of the eight regional committees in the productive workshop.

Led by FIFA consultant and former General Secretary of the Turkish FA, Ebru Koksal, the workshop covered a variety of topics, including how to grow the game locally, marketing, promotion and communication of the game, strategic planning, and time management.

The management and administration of women’s football at association level is done in many cases by volunteers or part-time employees. The FAI Women’s Department are working hard on a daily basis to continue the development in all areas, while the formation of eight regional committees has aided that effort and they were able to pick up vital information from the workshop.

Ronan hailed the workshop by saying: “Our eight regional committees are a vital component in the roll-out of the FAI Women’s Strategic Plan. While great work has already taken place throughout the country, this two-day FIFA workshop provided committee members with knowledge and key skills to further develop the game in each of their areas. We were delighted to have someone like Ebru Koksal, who has such huge knowledge and experience in the game, deliver this workshop.”

Koksal was upbeat as she stated: “I’m happy to be a part of this exciting development in Irish women’s football. The new Women’s Football Committee structure will prove to be very instrumental in the development of football. The level of enthusiasm and support is very encouraging.”


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