FIFA Women’s World Cup – The Top Contenders

FIFA Women’s World Cup – The Top Contenders

It might get less coverage as compared to the men’s counterpart, but FIFA Women’s World Cup is undoubtedly exciting and packed with thrilling moments. The eighth edition of this international competition is in play presently, with 24 countries giving their best to win the coveted trophy in France.

Since the Premier League, Europa League, and the inaugural Nations Cup have all come to an end, the World Cup is proving to be the perfect opportunity for punters and fans to enjoy a bit of football action, and also continue to earn from it. The bets are all out, and bookies already have their favourites in place. The initial fixtures of the Women’s World Cup have given a slight inclination towards the teams that are more than likely to dominate the tournament and reach the finals. Here are four of the top contenders.


It must have been torture for the Thai fans to watch their first game in the tournament against the USA. The American side categorically broke through the Thai defence not once, but 13 times for a mammoth victory. If you enjoy earning money from sports, it’s essential to make the most of games such as these. First, check for the main brands bookmakers offers online at so that you pick up on all the cool bonuses that add to your profits. Then, spread your bets over different games and odds to cash in on maximum benefits, especially when it comes to strong teams such as the USA. The fact that bookies have the USA at 16/5 odds to win the tournament is also a sign that they are going to lead from the very beginning.

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The host nation always has some advantage, and at least France’s men’s team is known to perform a lot better when they play in their own stadiums. Even though the French team has a relatively tighter group with Nigeria, South Korea, and Norway, they managed to kick off the competition with three significant wins. With Amandine Henry, one of the top players to look out for in the World Cup, playing her best, France has a high chance of making it to the finals. Bookies have them at 10/3 odds to win the cup, and 1/10 odds to end up at the top of their group.


Germany has always been a strong team with the power to come back when least expected. Their first couple of games haven’t been high scoring, but they did manage to beat Spain, which is a good sign of things to come. The bookies have them at 7/1, which are excellent odds to grab on to, since Germany, a two-time World Cup champion, is a top contender to reach the final according to most football pundits.


England has one of the strongest groups with last time’s runners-up Japan in it. The bookies, similar to Germany, have them at 7/1 odds, but it’s only after their game with Japan can punters truly gauge the playing power of the English side. So far, their victory over neighbouring Scotland and Argentina was quite comfortable.


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