Finland Beat Russia 5 – 4

Finnish women won the Russian Eerikkilä actual paint ilottelun after the 5-4 (2-2). Linda Sällström struck a hat-trick. On the ground also saw some new faces when Pernilla Nordlund and Marianna Tolvanen did the A-team debut. Katrina Nokso-Koivisto, in turn, made a comeback after a long pause.

Finland dominated the game events

Finland ordered the pace of the game as soon as pallollisen alkuminuuteilta. Opened the scoring, however, Russia is now in the eighth minute. Elena Fomina was to place the ball Finnish paint the bottom right corner.

Finland is not a shock to the beginning of embarrassed, but offset by 17 minute of the game. Essi Sainio concentrated paint, which fought for the ball with Russia’s defense Marianna Tolvanen. Bounce for the instrument in the game finally hit Linda Sällström.

Tolvanen showed their speed as soon as the next fashion leading to a situation with the goalkeeper nokikkain. Rear angle desired traction viuhui however marginally over the paint.

22. minute of the game were recorded figures 2-1. Annika Kukkonen gave a good angle, right into the buffers very strongly played Annica Sjölund . Throughout the match the Russian paint hätyytellyt Tolvanen reached 35 Sainio minute supply to try to finish, but the veto was not hit by the paint between the trees.

Sjölund was hit again, but the Russian saved a pole at this time. 44. minute Russia got to punish the defense of Finland’s misfortune. Our first Arina Sochneva overtook Tinja-Riikka Korpela accurate shot penalty border. Break of 2-2 was registered as a situation in Russia using the paint place almost one hundred percent.

Goals tehtailtiin last until sekunneille

Finland began the second period as well. Sällström had to get through, but the Russian defense cleared the ball at the last minute angle. Sällström reached the very next minute through the side, but the Russian guard Elena Kochneva was rejected by a small angle to leave the company.

Half the exchange-in, Laura Österberg Squid laukomaan Sainio reached the corner, but the veto was directed towards the goalkeeper.

50. Österberg minute Squid carried well in the middle.Goalkeeper Kochneva rejected the low-angle strain.

So Österberg Squid as Tolvanen reached the second section the first half of the good places, but Kochneva often took the chance to.

The real place for a thousand bucks were seen 54 minute of the game when the left side of the left side of the exchange found to have risen very Sainio. Adjacent to the transfer and Sällström was completely alone. However, the ball slammed ylähirteen.

Finland continues to cascade down to the paint-making, but without success. 57. Sainio Tolvasen minute scored from the left through, but Kochneva was well received.

Fair hours for Tolvanen waiters from the right and made sure the second Sällström osumansa.

Finland to pass on attacks at a steady pace, but Russia hit scarce seats. 82. Sochneva minute of Finland’s defense finished in the middle of the second osumansa. Finland received more snow into the house the next minute. Socneva flag, this time passing through, and placed the ball on the left rear corner of the hat-trick of equivalence.

Remainder of the match was quite colorful. 86. Finland was a penalty minute threshold feel of a free-kick. Maija Saari hit the ball over the wall etuyläkulmaan style.

Sällström also managed a hat trick. Match the actual game time at the last minute slick striker rose to 16 from left: a feel of the area and certainly laukoi rear corner.

Final readings were recorded, therefore, 5-4. Finland had more than one places of paint, while the enemy took place in an extremely efficient manner.

Finland-Russia 5-4 (2-2)
9 min 0-1 Elena Fomina
17 min 1-1 Linda Sällström
23 min 2-1 Annica Sjölund
44 min 2-2 Our first Arina Sochneva
62 min 3-2 Linda Sällström
Our first 82 minutes 3-3 Arina Sochneva
Our first 84 minutes 3-4 Arina Sochneva
86 min 4-4 Maija Saari
90 min 5-4 Linda Sällström

Composition of Finland against Russia

12 Tinja-Riikka Korpela
13 Elina Syrjänen
8 Katrina Nokso-Koivisto
4 Maija Saari (v)
6 Tiina Salmen (C) -> 46 5 Maiju Hirvonen
Pernilla Nordlund 17 -> 46 10 Anna-Kaisa Rantanen
Annica Sjölund 20 -> 61 16 Emmi Alanen
19 Essi Sainio
7 Annika Kukkonen -> 46 9 Laura Österberg Squid
18 Linda Sällström
14 Marianna Tolvanen
1 Minna Meriluoto
3 Tuija Hyyrynen
11 Susanna Lehtinen
2 Petra Vaelma
15 Leena Puranen
21 Hanne Ojanperä

Source: palloliitto.fi

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