Finland – Naisten Iiiga


Kokkola F10 1 – 1 Aland United

Goals From:

Kotka 2’ (Kokkola F10)

Thilen 73’ (Aland United)


KMF Pallokissat 2 – 4 ONS

Goals From:

Huusko 17’ 64’ (KMF Pallokissat)

Ylianttila 29’ 67’ (ONS)

Kuoksa 75’ (ONS)

Toivonen 86’ (ONS)



Nice Futis 0 – 2 HJK

Goals From:

Koivisto 64’ (HJK)

Tolvanen 66’ (HJK)



TPS 0 – 2 FC Honka

Goals From:

Anna Auvinen 22’ 69’ (FC Honka)

PK-35 5 – 1 IIves 
Goals From:
M Grankull 11’ (IIves)
E Sormunen 12’ (PK-35)
S Saarinen 16’ (PK-35)
C Walker 37’ (PK-35)
R Orling 62’ (PK-35)
C Uwak 66’ (PK-35)


  1. gromit 9 years ago

    @Ken – Thanks for your sollicitude :o) First thing I did when back home was going under the shower. Yes, more water !! But a warm one ;o)

    As Jean-Paul said, the missing goals is a real French speciality at any age (but we also noticed the same with the men’s NT very often). If you look at the FIFA’s data of Euro 2009, you’ll see that it was already the same as at WC2011 and OG2012 (with more or less the same players).

    Unlike you, I think that Schelin, Dickenman, Cruz until this year, are or were extremely important concerning OL’s efficiency, even when they don’t score themselves. But what I believe is that it is also a consequence of the deep unbalance of D1 and even C1. When do French players have to force themselves to score during the regular season with their clubs ? For the Lyonnaises, maybe two or three times when they meet top foreign teams in C1’s semi or Finale (Potsdam, Frankfurt, Arsenal). Only since this year, you can add PSG who has a very good defense. They score most of the times with marks from 4-0 to 11-0… There is a French expression saying “ça rentre comme dans du beurre”. Can’t remember the English translation but litteraly that means “That  goes in as in butter”. I was struck at the training session by, how could I say, a kind of thoughtlessness with which the players (mainly the Lyonnaises) trained to shoot at the goal. And they missed a lot… They missed again in match, no real surprise. When they meet a very strong foreign team, they rarely score more than two goals, as with the FNT. But usually it’s enough since those team’s attacks are less good than any NT’s attacks with maybe the exception of INAC Kobe (who could have won against OL, remember). That’s why I hope that OL will be confronted to much stronger opposition in D1 and C1. It’s not a wish “against” OL of course ! but “for” the NT.

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