KMF 1 – 2 Kokkola F10

Goals From:

E-V. Dahlmars 25’ (Kokkola F10)

E. Vanhanen 88’ (KMF)

H. Ojanperä 90’ (Kokkola F10)


Ilves 1 – 1 TPS

Goals From:

T. Tikkanen 48’ (TPS)

A. Tossavainen 81’ (Ilves)



United Pietarsaari 0 – 3 PK-35

Goals From:

S. Saarinen 19’ (PK-35)

T. Hälinen 73’ 75’ (PK-35)



Aland United 1 – 3 Honka

Goals From:

K. Ranki 29’ (Honka)

M. Waarheid 47’ (Aland United)

N. Hietanen 57’ 62’ (Honka)

  1. Jean-Paul Abidogoun 9 years ago

    I am (sort of) ok with the fact that Bruno Bini has choosed to leave Bompastor behind; I think that when you have 2 people with huge egos within your team you must get rid off of one.

    Even if to me no to select Soubeyrand should have been a better choice because she had had in mind to stop a international carreer.

    But I’m shocked to how Bruno Bini did that in such disrespectful manner and that is not the first case.

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