Hello world,  and welcome to my internet coming out party.  Haha no pun intended, not all stereotypes about women pro footballers are true ;D.  What I mean is I’m not a big ‘techie person’ so not only is this my first blog post but it is also one of the first blogs I have ever read….

Ok, I’m back, I just realized after writing that intro that I need to check and see how to write a blog.  Ok, so start with an introduction…

My name is Fiona O’Sullivan I am a pro footballer for SC Freiburg in the Frauen Bundesliga.  I am also a member of the Irish Women’s National team.  Although from San Geronimo, California I am a ‘Plastic Paddy’, meaning I have both Irish and American citizenship.  So I can thank my Irish born father Aidan O’Sullivan for my two passports.

I’m somewhat of a soccer gypsy.  I have played in the Swedish Damallsvenskan, the French D1 Feminine, D1 college soccer at The University of San Francisco and I am now playing in the German Bundesliga.  Of course I love soccer, duh, but one of the things that I love best about being a pro women’s soccer player is that I get to travel the world.  I love meeting new people, experiencing new cultures, and not working a 9:00-5:00 job.  Along the way I have become very good at pretending I know French, German and Spanish (Sorry Sweden, I didn’t even try to learn your crazy language.  There are only something like 8 million Swedes and they all speak such good english that MY english grammar actually improved while I was living there.  You Swedes are just too educated and worldly, its your fault that no one learns your language).  I say ‘pretending’ because I often act like I understand way more than I actually do.  Sometimes it works in my favor because I figure out what they are saying by the time they are finished speaking.  Sometimes it works against me because after nodding, shaking my head in agreement, and giving all the facial expression that show I understand, I still don’t know WTF they are talking about!

My interests outside of soccer are….going out, I like to party (wait I’m 27 now and to old to ‘party’), I like to go out and socialize, travel (already said that), I love shopping and clothes, adventure, danger, anything new that reminds me that I am alive.  I can be super lazy some days and not do anything aka I like to chill.  Like today for example, I woke up and listened to music in bed, then laid on the couch and played candy crush on my phone, then laid back in bed, painted my nails, downloaded music, I got out of bed and left the house at 16:30 for training. I like a variety of music from country to reggae, hip-hop, R&B, Latin and good ol’ Rock and Roll. I am a pretty good cook, you will probably be seeing some of my culinary creations in a later post.  I am an entrepreneur, I have my own soccer school for kids, ‘Fiona’s Soccer Camp’ that I started when I was 17 years old.  The rest you can figure out for yourself as you read my blog.  NOW STOP ASKING ME SO MANY QUESTIONS, YEEZUS!!!! (shout out the the new Kanye album, ‘Yeezus’ good stuff).

In this blog you will see what a REAL women’s soccer players life is like.  This isn’t going to be all sweet and candy coated like, ‘eeewww today was so amazing, I love my teammates, I love my club, my manager is so wonderful, my life is SO amazing, soccer is the best thing in the world’.  Sometimes my life is super amazing but sometimes it isn’t.  The good, the bad, the ugly, I will share with you in this blog.


SO to rap up the first blog entry I’m going to show you what I look like with a shame-less ‘selfie’ as well as a picture of me on the job.

  1. gromit 8 years ago

    Hi, Fiona ! With such a first name and such a family name, you can’t be nothing else than Irish, can you ? ;o)

    It’s great to see you writing a blog on WSU and let us share some of your football player’s life. The fact that you played in Usa, Sweden, France and Germany is very interesting.

    I hope you keep a good memory from Soyaux and my country, France, even if you didn’t stay too long and that it didn’t end in a very happy way.

    I’m looking forward reading your various experiences and… your Irish recipes !

    Et as-tu continué à pratiquer ton Français avec l’aide de Marina Makenza à Freiburg ? ;o)

  2. Izzy 8 years ago

    Hi Fiona, great blog and thanks to share your experiences as a professional soccer player! I think is an amazing experience to know so many cultures! I am envious, but in a good way! lol

    A hug from Brazil!

  3. Women's Soccer United 8 years ago

    Fantastic first blog Fiona, you are a natural.

    It was a very entertaining read, I like your sense of humour and I can not wait to read more about your life as a women’s footballer.

    You sound like you have made the most of all opportunities presented to you through football, playing in some of what are considered the best leagues in the world… Do you have a favourite league you played in? Also owning your own soccer camp at such a young age is a fantastic achievement! 

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