Ok second intstallment.

So in Grade 6 over here they have a soccer tournament for girls thru the school system. Rach decided to go out for it as anything to do with soccer she wanted to be a part of it.. So I took her out there for the trials and of course she got in. As I never like to miss any of her games I decided to take the week off work to go down and watch her. It was only down at West Beach and if anyone knows Adelaide the most distance you have to travel is 15 to 20 mins drive (apart from peak hour traffic then it takes a little longer..)

So for the whole week we drove down to West Beach played two games every day and drove home..It was the first time we had done anything like this so we had no idea what goes on or how things work….So we were a bit surprised at the end of the week when some guy comes up to us and hands Rach a piece of paper and tells her to come to trials for the State tournament to represent South Australia over in Melbourne. As you can imagine for a young 11 year old a trip away with out the family is an exciting aspect and to be playing soccer as well was an added bonus. So we start taking her out to the trials for the State Comp but didnt really expect anything from that as she was a year 6 student and there were alot of year 7 students out there also going for the positions. We were told that most of the time the year 7’s get most of the spots mainly because this was there last year to be able to play in the comp, so another shock came to us when she was selected to go away.

Now as I said above, I cant stand not being able to watch Rach play so when it came for her to go we drove her to the airport with the rest of the team and then packed my hubby and son in the car and drove the 9 hours to Melbourne where we had booked a caravan for the week close to the fields where Rach would be playing.

The whole week went fantastically, Rach played awesome but unfortunately didnt win many games but the experience was great and it was an awesome holiday for our family but now we had to drive home…

We had already organized for Rach to travel back to Adelaide with us in the car. The one stupid thing we decided to do was drive back home down the Great Ocean Road not realizing that it took 12 hours not the original 9 hours taking the Princes Highway. So going down this road and it is beautiful with the forests and the beach views we stopped at Apollo Bay for some lunch. Big mistake on my behalf as what ever I ate did not agree with me at all…….About 12 klms out of Apollo Bay I started feeling sick and started burping a lot. Now burping normally wouldn’t phase me but when I burped it smelt like off egg and so bad that every time I did it I had to hold my head out of the car so not everyone could smell it…Then to make matters worse every time we went past a gas station the petrol and gas was too expensive so we would try for the next town but what we didnt realize was that the later it got and the more remote we were the towns petrol stations closed earlier and were not open 24 hours.

We rolled into Meningie at about 10pm at night with 1 notch left on the gauge and the petrol station closed…So here we were, I was sick and we didnt have enough money for a hotel room, in the middle of winter (lucky we had bought quilts with us) stuck in the middle of no where.  That was one night that I am never going to forget…..We eventually were able to get home the next day when the servo opened at eight but we definitely will not forget Rachs first State Trip.

  1. Sebastian Kanty 8 years ago

    http://falive.tv/ has this game on continuous loop, still going strong. I saw this game live, then I drove home about (100 km) and watched it again, as I had recorded it, and after that I saw it yet again on falive.tv…. and I see that this game is still going on, as it is a continous loop as I said. Right now it’s halftime.

  2. Author
    Beverley Quigley 9 years ago

    Thank you  🙂

  3. Women's Soccer United 9 years ago

    Another brilliant blog thank you @Beverley.

    Rachel obviously had such a recognisable talent at such a young age to have earned this opportunities!

    What a road trip though!! I love the fact that the family joined Rachel on her adventure turning the experience into a holiday as well. The journey home sounds awful though! I can understand why you will never forget it! But it is great to have these memorable moments that you can look back on now and laugh, even if at the time it must have been a nightmare!

  4. Asa 9 years ago

    Another great blog thank you @Beverley, it is great to see the complete dedication you and your whole family have shown for Rach, so she can live her soccer dream.   

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