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Football deserves the best officials Regardless of Gender ?

Another Great Women’s Football Tournament and again over and above the most talked about points are from the Referee and Lines-person’s Decisions made.

Yes I agree 100% with Women Managers/Coaches, Referees and Lines-person and Yes it would be nice if all posts within Women’s Football/Soccer was just Women. But I believe that men also have a large role to play within the Women’s Game. And for me personally I want to see the Best person in the job whether that is a Women or Man.

The Players, Teams, Sponsors, advertisers and the Fans deserve to have the best people in charge at these major Tournaments and the game Worldwide. Why when it is a Women’s tournament we have to have just Women officials as why just men officials in Men’s tournament ? Is it not about time we just have the Best Officials whether it’s a man or women?

Also when a crucial decision is made in the game and to help the Referee come to make the right decision, it is about time the 4th official played more of a role (or have a 5th official), who should be allowed to watch the moment in question and give the referee their view after seeing it in fast and slow motion a couple of times. It only takes seconds now to see incidents replayed on TV it happens in Rugby and Cricket so why not Football. I would love to just talk about the game the amazing skill, the great goals scored and not have to talk about the bad decisions made. We have the tools available to help these officials so why not use them. I am not having a go at any individuals at this tournament but feel there is room to improve.


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