If you happen (like me) to love both Football Console games and Women’s football you will already know that there is a snowball’s chance in hell either Konami or EA Sports will ever put out a female version of the game. It’s a simple matter of economics since they budgest their games on the reckoning of selling millions of copies and the Women’s game hasn’t got that pull.

So, over Christmas I started working on the editing feature of Pro Evolution Soccer 2013, and what began as simply putting Turbine Potsdam in the game as kind of snowballed and grown. It is FAR from perfect, as there is only so much i can change on the game, and also far from finished. But, if I can get the game more or less ready on time I would like to make it available to anyone who may wish to download it. 

I must say however that doing this option file has really opened my eyes up to how SCARCE information is on players, clubs and leagues around the world…and how AWFUL even the official sites are.

In a day and age when a male footballer only has to fart in training to be instantly blitzed around the global media it is astonishing how bad the Women’s game is treated by even the clubs who run teams. I naively thought that the passing of the deadline yesterday may have prompted the websites of cluibs in England, the USA, and so on to actually update their fans with news about who is playing for their team this season…

Frustration boiled over today when I discovered that Western New York Flash have claimed Adriana Martin as a Free Agent signing…while she is listed as an Atletico Madrid player on her Twitter account, and a Chelsea player on Wikipedia. I went to Chelsea’s FAWSL website and that was hopeless…cannot have been updated in a year of more (Gemma Bonner and Sarah Quantrill are still listed in their Team Profile). 

This massive vacuum of accurate information on who a player even PLAYS for has led me to delay working on this file until I get more information. Moreover, seeing as I have limited time with work and my actual life, I have had to take huge shortcuts in my file, which may turn people off…but if I didn’t take these shortcuts it literally would be impossible to even start.

1. All faces are generic female faces, and are repeated through the game. The bodies are very thin males (there is no female body shape in the game)

2. All players are 17 years old (saves time, and is really not relevent to actually playing the game)

3. Some kits are merely ‘representations’ of their kits (mainly cos Swedish teams have about FIFTY shirt sponers)

4. Positions are generalised because its hard to know where they will be played by their teams)

That said, I have (more or less) completed the FA WSL (and am quite happy) and have completed the Frauen Bundesliga (which cos of the excellent web coverage was by FAR the easiest to do)

Any help would be appreciated (and I simply mean here information, such as who who plays for – height and ages would be good but not important) and anyone who may have a PlayStation3 version of PES2013 (EU version for now) who may like to BETA test (is that right?) the option file when it is more complete would also help me out (spotting errors i have made). Here are a couple of screenshots:




Wishing you all a lovely weekend!

  1. gromit 8 years ago

    Between 59′ and 61″, Norway made 5 changes.

  2. Asa 9 years ago

    Very interesting read @Brian thank you

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