Fortuna Hjørring v ACF Brescia: An Epic Football Saga

When it comes to epic football sagas, the spotlight tends to falls under the traditional magnetism of “El Clásico” or the tale of the two Manchesters.

But, while half-of-the-world seems preoccupied with the aforementioned type of rivalries, a new-kind-of modern epic football saga is being played right in front of our eyes. One that transcends the beautiful game itself.

You see, this is not “women’s football”. This is football.

Fortuna Hjørring v ACF Brescia: An Epic Football Saga

The Champions (by the numbers):

Both clubs are the defending champions of their respective domestic leagues and cups. Last season, Fortuna Hjørring conquered their nine 3F Liga title, and eight Danish Women’s Cup. While Brescia won their second Serie A scudetto and second Coppa Italia.

There’s no surprise they both rank as two of the best women’s football clubs in Europe: Fortuna Hjørring (7th), and Brescia (13th) (as of 8 November 2016: But, putting all rankings aside, what makes these two clubs special is their fierce intensity on the field. They both play the game by their own terms, at all times. You won’t notice the difference between the first minutes of a match, and minute 90’ with a 5-0 lead. They will give all they’ve got with every sprint, every single pass, every single touch of the ball… and then some more!

Both clubs follow tradition, but they mix it up with their unique football signature.

When Stars Collide: Oh Sweet November!

It all started last November, at the “Round of 16” of the UEFA Women’s Champions League.

The first leg didn’t disappoint. From the get-go, a line was drawn on the football grass, one that clearly separated them from your casual Champions League clash.

120… 120 seconds that’s all it took to open the score for this “new era” football saga, courtesy of Brescia’s forward Daniela Sabantino. From thereon, we witnessed a symphony of world class football lead by the rhythm of 30 Goal Attempts (18 by Brescia, 12 by Fortuna), and top-notch defense.

The overall score was 1-0, Fortuna Hjørring knew what was at stake. It was time for round two, and Fortuna brought it! Their offense turned into a whirlwind of football. And Brescia was ready for them. It wasn’t until minute 58, when Fortuna’s Nadia Nadim was able to score the aggregate equalizer.

The next 30 minutes were the true depiction of a battle of champions, with 22 warriors on the field fighting for honor, pride and glory. Everything indicated they were headed to extra time, when “fate” intervened. 18 year old Lisa Boattin sealed Brescia’s quarter-finals pass with one touch of the ball!

A year has passed by, and both clubs have been reunited (and it feels so good!) at the 2016-2017 UEFA Women’s Champions League.

On November 9th, they played the first leg of their 16 Round clash (second overall)… and – spoiler alert – it was one epic match! But, don’t worry, we won’t spoil it for you. In fact, we are going to share with you a very special link to help you catch up with the Fortuna Hjørring v ACF Brescia’s phenomenon:

Fortuna Hjørring vs. ACF Brescia
Round of 16, First Leg, UEFA Women’s Champions League
Watch it / Relive it, right here:

Now that you have binge-watched the first part of this epic saga, you’re ready for the second act!

Fortuna Hjørring vs. ACF Brescia: Free Live Streaming
Wednesday 16th, 18h GMT / 19h CET
Round of 16, Second Leg, UEFA Women’s Champions League
Watch it here:

Social Media is the New MTV

In this day and age, the beautiful game goes above and beyond the football field! And both clubs, and their footballers, are doing an amazing job at it! They have created, and built upon, a true fan / club / brand experience:

Fortuna Hjørring’s created and shared a heartwarming video where they captured – to perfection – all the emotions … all the feelings… their fan base have gone through since the last season of the UEFA Women’s Champions League.

Follow Fortuna Hjørring on Facebook:

Since the beginning of “Sweet November”, Brescia launched a series of short videos across their social media channels. In each video, a different Brescia’s footballer invites the “leonessa” fans to join them through their epic UEFA Champions League journey.

Follow ACF Brescia on Facebook:

You know what they say: an Instagram video is worth a thousand words!
Right after the first leg match against Brescia, Fortuna Hjørring’s forward star Camilla Larsen Kur shared a must-see creative Instagram video that sums up the lub’s best moments of the match:

Follow Camilla on Instagram:

Last but not least, Brescia’s defender Elena Linari is here to remind you that – above all things – football is fundamentally about having fun!

P.S: Someone call late night host James Corden. He just got schooled in the art of carpool karaoke!

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