France v Brazil International women's football friendly 11 June 2014

France and Brazil will play an International women’s football friendly in Guyana on Wednesday 11 June 2014 at 3:45 p.m (local time).

After this fixture, France will travel to Florida where they will play USA in the first of two meetings on this tour. Brazil will go on to face New Zealand for a doubleheader.

Brazil are using the upcoming friendlies to prepare for the Copa America this year, expected to be held in September in Ecuador.

France squad: Bouhaddi, Deville, Philippe, Boulleau, Butel, Delannoy, Georges, Houara, Renard, Soyer, Abily, Bussaglia, Hamraoui, Henry, Jaurena, Majri, Makanza, Necib, Thomis, Asseyi, Crammer, Delie, Le Sommer, Thiney, Tonazzi – More squad details.

Brazil squad: Lelê, Luciana, Thaís Picarte, Calan, Bruna Benites, Gislaine, Mônica, Tayla, Fabiana, Poliana, Rilany, Bia, Formiga, Thaísa, Nenê, Andressa, Bia, Gabi Zanotti, Marta, Maurine, Raquel, Rosana, Chu, Cristiane, Debinha, Darlene, Giovânia – More squad details.


France 0-0 Brazil


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  1. Author
    WSU 8 years ago

    Full-time in the International friendly: France 0-0 Brazil

  2. Author
    WSU 8 years ago

    84′ Great chance for France but Le Sommer’s header goes wide! France 0-0 Brazil

  3. Aldo Petrolino 8 years ago

    Is it a good game?

    • Author
      WSU 8 years ago

      It got a bit scrappy, I think France did well to play the majority of the match with 10 players.

  4. Author
    WSU 8 years ago

    Brazil starting line-up: Thais Picarte, Fabiana, Bruna Benites (c), Tayla, Thaisa, Rilany, Maurine, Andressa, Raquel, Formiga, Cristiane

  5. Author
    WSU 8 years ago

    Half-time: France 0-0 Brazil

  6. Author
    WSU 8 years ago

    45′ France sub: Georges IN, Tonazzi OUT

  7. Author
    WSU 8 years ago

    41′ Wendie Renard receives a red card!

  8. Author
    WSU 8 years ago

    International friendly match underway: France 0-0 Brazil

  9. Author
    WSU 8 years ago

    France starting line-up: Deville, Soyer, Butel, Renard (c), Boulleau, Asseyi, Hamraoui, Bussaglia, Makanza, Tonazzi, Thiney

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