genoveva-anonmaPhoto of Genoveva Añonma at the FIFA Women’s World Cup,Germany 2011

Genoveva Añonma recounts disturbing and heartbreaking memory.

Genoveva Añonma of Equatorial Guinea recently spoke to the BBC about the difficulties she has faced during her football career… Some of which are deeply appalling!

Genoveva Añonma is one of Africa’s greatest players who was a stand out player during the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2011. During a discussion with the BBC Genoveva recalled her most heartbreaking experience was of an incident after the African Women’s Championship 2008, in which she scored the match winning goal in the final against South Africa, the tournament officials decided to act on accusations from the opposing team that she was not a woman.

So, how did they decide to act on these accusations… Unbelievably, Añonma was forced to strip naked in front of members of the Confederation of African Football, not even medical personnel, to prove her gender. A humiliated Añonma cried throughout the ordeal and she describes how her moral was very low.

Gender accusations can be common in women’s football in some parts of the world and the standard procedure is apparently to access medical documents, or conduct blood testing.

Añonma says she continues to receive insults, abuse and accusations about her gender but she has gotten used to them, and somewhat expects them.

Listen to Genoveva Añonma on Sportshour below:



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